Green Screen to Shoot Video is Set Up - Do I Need To Buy The Backgrounds?

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Hi All,

I have my green screen set up behind my desk. I'm ready to record myself on video. After further review, it looks like most marketers are just leaving their backgrounds open for all to see (I've seen book cases, stacked boxes and even a pair of underwear! LOL)

My question is did I even need this green screen background? It would be nice to put some professional background image in there.

Where do I find the cool backgrounds? Any easy learning curve software? I was going to buy Sony Vegas but do I need that? Any recommendations on the lighting?

Does a fellow Warrior sell some type of "shoot offline video" type kit I can purchase? Time is money, I want to cut the learning curve and not dabble in video. I just want to get something professional looking up on a site.

By the way, Ken Calhoun makes some of the most impressive web based videos I've seen in my life. Professionally narrated, etc.

Thanks to all in advance for your replies.


PS: Thanks to all for the web cam recommendations on my previous post.
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