What Does a Wordpress Theme Absolutely NEED ?

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I need your thoughts on Wordpress themes. I am always working on something new, and I want to create the best Wordpress themes for Internet Marketers and well.. Bloggers.

But I want to get some real Warrior insight first. What do you look for right away when installing a new wordpress theme? What options/features are an absolute must for any theme?

Any special WP Plugins that you feel should always be integrated as standard, something like Flickr ?

I appreciate any insight or comments and will take them right to the development stage
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    If I'm creating an adsense blog I like the Prosense theme a lot. Here's my example of the theme put to use: JamesAllenCollection.com > Read Author James Allen's Writings Free

    For personal/professional blogging, the magazine style is a good approach and popular in the social media crowd. Arthemia is an excellent theme and I use it in the blog in my signature.

    I'll get you a list of the plugins I use in just a second...

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    My 2 cents.

    As a fellow webmaster and website surfer, I prefer performance over classy. I'm not one to like real flashy websites, and tend to stick around to ones that are simple, yet professional and have an amazing load time.

    So what I look for in a theme is mainly performance and professionally simple style.

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    Just do a google search for these plugin names or their authors and you should be able to find them pretty easily.


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    Thanks for the feedback

    Prosense and Arthemia both offer different perspective on a blog. Thanks for bringing that up, with different intention we need different layouts, designs to reflect and optimize them, i.e. Adsense site over a traditional blog.

    The the Theisis does a great job with load times, it's simple and professional. I like your style - less Photoshop design over CSS Design (which loads faster and sometimes looks better!)
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    Thanks jrailsback - those are all some of the most essential and beneficial Wordpress Plugins. I think I'll make up a file with some of those plugins for a quick "wp plugin start-up."

    I am digging for a variety of ideas for a new product I am working on, which isn't so surprisingly - Wordpress Themes. So any suggestions on what you'd like to see in a new premium theme would be great.

    Thanks for the feedback thus far
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    No problem, if you need any other feedback, I'll do what I can to help. Keep us updated on the product

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