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Warriors - Let Go!
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It's funny how, some times, everything said, every events, seem to fall in place like pieces of a puzzle.

Over the last 2 days I had an epiphany - I realized that I had it all wrong.
"It" is everything.

You see, for a bit more than one year now I've been struggling to create the lifestyle to which I aspired. Complete freedom.

With that goal in mind, I took many steps towards building my business, spent countless hours studying the subjects I am passionate about, planning for the next step ahead. My move to the Philippines.

So for the last 15 months or so, I accepted to do business in a way I wasn't comfortable with. Maybe this thread should be an apology, I don't know. But I hope it will be eye opening for some.

As I said, I spent the last 15 months or so working for less than I knew my work was worth, delaying those projects I was really passionate about. I resented it every step of the way, but did it because I "needed the money" to reach the next step.

To make up for it, I took on more work than I could really handle, always putting more strain on my work, relationships, and health. Which resulted in even more frustrations for me, and everyone I had dealings with.

Along the way, I know I have let some great friendships die, and most probably turned back a lot of potentially great clients and partners - not only online, but in real life as well - I thought to myself what good would it do to be involved in this or that, I'm leaving it all behind in a few months.

To be brutally honest - I now realize that every time I had the opportunity to climb the next step - I'd make up a new one, because I was too scared to make the leap, to commit, to be myself and feel real freedom - being without boundaries.

I sincerely hope that the new forum - as well as this post and many others I have read this morning - will inspire you to raise the bar a little higher - motivate you to make the jump and commit to your long term goals.

As for me - I will have fulfilled all of my previous responsibilities by the week-end, and have already resumed work on my own long-term projects. My move abroad is in not even two months from now, and I'm not scared to take the next step anymore. My liberation will happen not in two months, but today.

Recovering Control Freak.

P.S: In closing, I guess Tyler Durden said it best:

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Re: Warriors - Let Go!
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Deep post!

Almost as if it belongs here: Mind Warriors

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