How To Use The New Warrior Editing System

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Hey guys! I just wanted to let everyone know I just made a quick video to show how to make it EASY to use the new Warrior Forum editing system.

I know many Warriors have had issues with it and the video simplifies it for even the newest newbie!

I just posted it on my blog:

Warrior Forum Post Editing

Hope this helps

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    Hi Gregg,

    Just went to look at your top sig link and the url has a load of dodgy characters in it making it 'not found'...HTH


    They're at the start and the end -


    Double edit -

    You might want to change your wording from 'editing warrior posts' to 'formatting warrior posts' as it is a little confusing, although that might just be me...'editing' makes me think of what I've just done with this post (edited after posting)
    • Profile picture of the author Gregg Hall
      All part of the new system I'm afraid. I wonder how many people have their's screwed up and don't even know it.

      That's why I made the video for the formatting


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