will Nanacast work with warriorplus??

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Just wondering if anybody is successfully using Nanacast with warriorplus for WSO's

I sent a support ticket to Nanacast and got this reply....

Nanacast can integrate with the warrior plus system.

To accomplish this you would use the inbound API to create subscriber records. In general, in a case of using payment processing that is positioned upstream in the process from the Nanacast part of the process, you'd use our Incoming API to receive client data from the payment processor software to the Nanacast offer.

You can find documentation for the inbound API from the left menu under Advanced > Incoming API.

However, note also that since Nanacast can handle payments, delivery, and affiliate programs already, plus a lot more, it's not necessary to use a 3rd party system ahead of Nanacast... you could simply use a text or image link to a Nanacast offer and handle everything through Nanacast.

It look like you could integrate it with wso pro but i think i would need to hire a programmer??

Anybody tried this before??
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    I have not done this before.

    However, based on how Nanacast's incoming API works ( https://nanacast.com/s/admin/index.p...q_tag=view_api - need to be logged in to view) and the info found here:

    How can I integrate with a mailing list or other program not listed?

    and here:

    I want to integrate WSO Pro with a membership script or other third party script. Is this possible?

    you could hire a programmer to write a script that "talks" between WarriorPlus and Nanacast to integrate your Warriorplus/WSO purchasers into your Nanacast database (which is what I am assuming you are interested in doing).

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    Just send Mike Lantz (View Profile: MikeLantz) a PM. He should be able to tell you and if it is programming stuff he usually answers very fast.
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    Originally Posted by sarahstaar View Post

    It look like you could integrate it with wso pro but i think i would need to hire a programmer??

    But why do you need to integrate with WSO Pro anyway? What does WSO Pro do for you that Nanacast doesn't?
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    Thanks Richard!

    If I'm guilty of anything, it's that I Love people too much. Oh and I also constantly push on doors with obvious handles on them.

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    Thanks Richard and Kevin for the input! We do have API calls or even custom fields perhaps which I think would probably fit the need Malcom has described. I do see his points though and I think he expressed them to our support people a year ago thoughtfully. However, I wasn't with the company back then, so I couldn't help at the time.

    A little humour can be a dangerous thing and my initial response was glib. So, if anyone is to blame for a hijack here, it's me and I apologize to the OP for that. Getting into the details of Malcom's comments would take that even further and wouldn't be fair to others. So, I if you want to ping me directly Malcom, I'll be happy to talk with you.

    Obviously Richard likes the fact that I'm active here and listening and trying to help and as he pointed out, that was the point he was making.


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