What am I doing wrong in my sig file??

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I'm not particularly well versed in BB code, but this is what I had on the old WF and it worked -

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Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Arggh. I can't show the code that I used in my sig file, and now I can't delete this post. I'm going to go drink more coffee. Sometimes that helps.
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    Dana, there's an easy way to fix this.

    1. Go to edit signature.

    2. Make sure you have full WYSIWYG enabled for editing.

    3. Type the text you want to display for the sig, not the URL.

    4. Click in the little thing that looks like a globe (at least that's what it looks
    like to me. A box will come up asking you for the link to insert.

    5. Insert the link and click on OK.

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    if you check the code you will see that an extra \in front of the address and a \at the end. Take them out and you should be good to go. I had the same problem
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    Mine weren't working either. The format used in the old WF doesn't work here.

    Some help is in this thread.

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    Yeah..if you just leave your sig as it was from the old format it won't work. But the new editor make it even easir for you to make edit on it.

    Simply click on the top right "aA" icon (when you hover your mouse, you'll see "switch editor mode" to swith between the BB code and the WYSIWYG.

    If you're in BB mode, then your sig should look something like this:

    HTML Code:
    [URL="http://yourdomain.com"]Your Clickable Text Here[/URL]

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