Hope to Buy the backLink sale Resource with High PR

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Hello friends,
We are DuDuTa.com, an online wedding dresses store. Our keyword is Wedding Dresses, we want to buy the backlink sale resource. If you have this resource, we hope you can give us the detail information ( including the positons our link will be put, the Domain name and the quotation). And please tell us whether there are some discounts we can enjoy.
Hope to hear from you soon.thanks so much.
Best Regards
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    This is a really good way to get your site slammed by Google - usually out of the top 1000 results.

    Either pay an seo company who know what they're doing - or learn to get good links yourself.

    Don't buy them.

    nothing to see here.

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    but How will google know that you bought a backlink
    yes if you buy a lot of links at the same time that's bad for the site
    but if you buy some edu backlinks etc, google won't know
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      Originally Posted by derprinz View Post

      but How will google know that you bought a backlink
      yes if you buy a lot of links at the same time that's bad for the site
      but if you buy some edu backlinks etc, google won't know
      Yes they do!!!!

      They're not stupid.

      They can look for people and sites that sell backlinks and just blacklist anyone with links from those places.

      It's not all about where the links come from or how many there are.

      For example - if they see a Fiverr.com seller selling edu links they can just see which sites they are selling links from and then watch for anyone who gets links from those same sites in one go at the same time.

      If they see someone selling links from a blog network - they can just give a penalty to sites that have links from sites in that network. Or even just from one site.

      This stuff is EASY for them to see.

      If they look at your links and see that the highest number of links that come to you all come from blog comments, edu links and spun content in article directories - they'll slap you.

      Thousands of people get stung for these things all the time and yet there are people here gullible enough to buy links thinking Google won't realise.

      If you buy links - you are opening yourself up to disappearing from Google.

      It's your choice but don't be naive enough to think Google can't tell.

      Google's webmaster tools will show you enough about your links to show you they know what you're up to.

      And when they do slap you ignorance is not an acceptable excuse and they will need you to be honest and also make extensive efforts to have your purchased links removed. If you paid someone else to build them you may not even be able to do that and will remain penalised.

      nothing to see here.

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    ^^ agree with you bro. Big G won't know if you have bought links unless you let them know by buying too many backlinks. besides, don't you think hiring an SEO expert is also buying links. I'm pretty much sure that no SEO experts you can hire today can build the links by themselves. they will either hire a freelancer or build backlinks. CMIIW

    "And all what's left is nothing but a bunch of weeping competitors..."
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