What's most popular these's day's clickbank or JV zoo

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hi warriors

I am wanting to release my first product and i am not sure which is the best theses days, clickbank or JV zoo i am seeing alot of people releasing products on JV zoo and less on clickbank.

so i am just wondering is JV zoo the new popular place to be now or is clickbank still alive and well

any feedback would be much appreciated

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    Clickbank is a lot larger than JVZoo.

    As to which platform you should release your product on, that would depend on what type of product you have and what you are looking to get by using the platform.
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    Clickbank is like a elephant and JVZoo is a mouse. JVZoo is growing day by day and eventually might reach Clickbank's status in several years. JVZoo has some buzz but Clickbank is the biggest affiliate/publisher network for digital products on the internet.
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    For your first produuct I would recommend JV zoo.
    Its free to launch and you can test your copy, product and get used to making sales, handling support etc etc.

    If you find the product starts to do well, then you could migrate to CB and make a big push for affiliates once you have some solid DATA to use as bait (IE Conversion rates etc etc).

    JV zoo is excellent, I have used them since they opened the doors and have quite a few products there.

    Start at JV zoo, You need to do some work to recruit the better affiliates, but that's IM.

    Hope that helps mate

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    thanks everyone for the quick feedback i think that i am going to pick jvzoo i will start small and grow and plus you can't beat free.
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    I just came accross Clickbank on the Fortune 5000 the other day, I beleive their revenues are 386 million/year. Thats from memory tho so that number might be off but it's in that range. So as far as popularity Clickbank wins but that doesn't mean it's the best choice for you.
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    Probably it is just me, but I found that Clickbank's products are hard to sell.
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    Definitely JV zoo for a first timer. Free, easy to upload, and new products get noticed there. It seems like they get buried at click bank unless you are experienced at product launching.
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    i am starting to buy more products from jv zoo. less clutter and more user friendly. if i am looking for certain subjest, 20 products show up instaed of a 100 like clickbank.
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    as an affiliate, I prefer jvzoo, 'cause they send my commission right away, don't have to wait for 15 days like clickbank.
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    Just a question... but any reason why Commission Junction isn't in the mix here?
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    They both have their pros and cons. Clickbank has a much much larger bunch of affiliates ready to sell your stuff. As I've also said before, why does it have to be one or the other? Wouldn't it make sense to list your product on both networks and take advantage of the affiliates on both networks?
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    sorry i am new to this, what does JV stand for? Thanks
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    Warriors !
    As a Sri Lankan, I can't receive PayPal payments. Can i use JvZoo ? I liked that very much. But I don't know that can i use or not.
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    Some great information everyone is coming out with thanks.
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    I still feel that CB towers over JV Zoo -- a lot of popular products I come across seem to be released in the CB marketplace.
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    I just launched my first product on JVzoo. I haven't launched one there before but within a few hours had 4 affiliate requests and 150 clicks. After 24 hours I had made my first sale though there.
    I would definatly recommend it for people starting out with product creation as its free to set up and a great way to make some cash before investing in CB

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