High-End Article Writing Services With Instant Payouts Through PayPal

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Anyone know of any article writing services, similar to iWriter.com, where writers can get paid directly via PayPal instantly / daily / weekly monthly, except where the article assignments pay on the high end?

Those familiar with iWriter already know that the average rang for articles is anywhere between $2.00 to $10.00 per article, depending on experience.

Any equivalent services out there where authors can get paid much more per article?

eg) $20, $25 ... $50 or more per article?

Basically a "high end version of iWriter"?

As an experienced / freelance writer, I've written articles on iWriter, but their rates per articles are ridiculously low and simply not worth the investment of time for the money.
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    I've just yesterday signed up on textbroker. I haven't seen what the gigs are like, but there seems to be potential for decent paying jobs. You get paid more per article after proving yourself.

    They pay out weekly via paypal if you choose. Here's the link to their rates/payment page. Unique content - Textbroker.com
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    If a site such as the one you are looking for exists, I have yet to find it. Content mills such as iwriter usually pay on the lower end of the writers wage scale. If you are looking to provide high end content that produces a quick and lucrative payout, you are going to have to build personal relationships with those looking for your kind of work.

    Think about it, if there were a content mill that payed $25 per article every Dick and Harry "article writer" would flock there and flood the place with crappy content. It just isn't practical in my opinion. That's why those looking for high quality content seek out the writer (or are sought out) on a personal level.
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    I too write for iWriter and I can tell you that Brad is a great guy, honest to the core. I too have a feeling that I earn a bit low on it. If Brad can look into the writer earning factor in iWriter I am pretty certain to return to it again. I insist again that Brad is a fantastic person.
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    I also write for iWriter but have realized that lately there is no work. I log in everyday but before I can go through the gigs, they are all gone if any.
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    i actually go out and meet with clients, i sell them the i dea of having a writing team making good quality content..online you can make quick cash but nowhere near the amount you can make by establishing an actual relationship with clients directly
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    Oh my... I was just browsing here and saw that you brought up a site called Iwriter so I checked it out and signed up and I just wrote a 500 word article for someone (took me 15 minutes) and it got accepted! only $3 but still a bit, I may start using this alot more when I have free time!

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    Check out The Content Authority. They pay you up to $3 per 100 words if I am not mistaken.

    You could also take a look at Constant Content where you get to decide how much you want to sell your articles for.
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    For the content mill to pay $25 they would have to charge the clients $50 or more. Most writers who can command that much money already have steady clients, which is why content mills typically cater to the lower end.
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    I'm not getting into the bash Iwriter thing because if you are a quality writer and you spend your time begging for $3 articles you've settled for mediocrity.

    There are many avenues that'll appreciate your craft and pay you for it IF you go outside of the norm and become creative.

    It's all about building solid LONG term relationships with your clients and showing them consistent value.

    If you're not happy with your situation change it!

    There is an Ocean of high paying clients out there if you can transcend your craft and make it just irresistible.
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    iWriter (and sites like it) have their place and provide a good service HOWEVER it's equivalent to working at McDonald's - good for the work experience but don't plan on making a lucrative career out of it.

    You have to get creative when finding work as a freelance writer. Sites that do the work of finding your clients for you will always pay low. You may do better on Warrior for Hire. If your writing is top notch you won't have any problem commanding a top rate.
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    Yes, it's true that the requests in iwriter has reduced. Though there are a lot of projects in the standard section, good requests are less. Good requests meaning, requests where the client asks according to the money he/she's paying and requests by clients with a good approval rate. I'm a premium writer there and the premium requests are even lesser.

    Can you do something about this Brad? I like iwriter and don't want to lose it as a writing platform.
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    You should check out Zerys.com, it is precisely what you're looking for.

    You can make very decent rates per article. To sign up, go to interactmedia.com and fill out the application. I've tried Textbroker as well and I strongly prefer Zerys. Seems to be much more earning potential there, at least in my experience.
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    wow thank you for providing this info, i been looking for a highend quality service where I could write for and get paid decently..
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    fiverr, content authority and freelance sites. Tons of work.

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