Inter and Intra Article linking Backlinking Questions

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So I have a site I'm try to promote so I write an article or two and get them posted to Ezine. Now I want to promote both the Ezine Articles and the original website. I want the Ezine Articles to stay near the top at the Ezine site so I write and post articles on other article sites and link them back to Ezine. Is this correct? But I want to promote the original site as well. Do I need to post yet more articles linking back the the original site too? What % of articles should link back to Ezine and what % back to the original web site. I feel like I'm going in circles here. And where should social bookmarking sites link back to? An article or the prime site or both? Where does a Squidoo lens on the same niche fit in?
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    We suggest you center your attention only in the website. You will get more SEO attention this way. Remember to use anchor text back links.
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      Use your RSS feed within EA to get exposure to your articles there. Submit that feed to all the RSS directories to get the links back to your articles.

      All of your articles should always point to your site.

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