software/service kern used to track open rate?

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Videos for the Giveaway have been taken down. Should have jotted down name of service for tracking open rates of HTML emails while I had the chance. Anyone know the software Frank mentioned?
Is there Anywhere videos may still be available?
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  • Profile picture of the author John Ritz
    Any email autoresponder should be able to track open rate. GetResponse and Aweber both do. Frank had a different tool, but they all should be able to do that.
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      He did mention that you want to make sure to use html even if it looks like just text otherwise you can't track open rates and whatnot.
  • Profile picture of the author johnryan
    Cool, thanks. I didn't know Aweber could do that. I've been reviewing their site and I'll look into how to send html emails that look like plain text.

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