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I have a squidoo lens that i am trying to get high ranking for.
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I got it on the second page of google but i can't seem to get it any higher. Do you recommend adding new text modules to my exisiting lens or should i create a whole new lens when i have some more content to write about?

You suggesstions will be appreciated.
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    I would build more back links to your squidoo lense.

    You can link from places like YouTube, hub pages, MySpace, or any other authority site should pull up your squidoo lense.

    If your squidoo lense isn't linking back to your own sites and your linking just stops there pretty much, then you should probably work on building back links to your squidoo lense.

    Frank Bruno
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      Adding new content will certainly help.

      How about trying bookmark the page over at digg or other social bookmarking sites? There's a great tool called onlywire.


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