Your Best Advice For A New Warrior?

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Hi Warriors,

Now that we have a new forum and new members still arriving all the time, how about we share some the things we've learned that would help a new warrior get started.

I don't really want a thread full of product promotions, more useful would be just a useful tip that you wish you'd know when you started and that you think would apply to any new person starting out to either help them save time or make more money.

I might just throw some money into the Paypal account of the warriors who post the most useful honest comments to help others.

Your post doesn't need to be a diatribe on what you know, but something short, sharp and useful.

Something that may have given you an aha moment when you started but that you had to learn the hard way.

I'll start with a couple of my own:

1 - I've always found that people have more value to offer than they realise, so don't underestimate your ability to provide value (either directly using your own skills/knowledge, or indirectly by putting your market in touch with someone elses skills/knowledge)

2 - Use the 80/20 rule in your business.

I've found that most of my fun, revenue and success comes from 20 percent of the activities I do, and the small number of affiliates outperform the majority, the few PPC campaigns that work from the start are more profitable than the rest etc.... The 80/20 rule (the pareto principle) seems to generally apply to most things. So watch where you spend your time and make your money and try to reduce the things which are less effective and put more focus on the small things that are working - You can make massive improvements by doing this in lots of small ways.

I look forward to seeing what others have to say and hope that this thread can be a great reference for people starting out.

Your friend

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    What I've learned:

    1. Don't give up if you're serious. I had a really rough start, lost a lot of time and money and nearly gave up but I didn't.

    2. Once you've selected your "path" stick with it. At least until it's completely finished and you're satisfied. Some people start something and start 10 more things before they can finish and end up with nothing but a bunch of half finished projects.

    3. You don't need to know EVERYTHING. Don't try to be an expert in every field. Stick with what you need to know.

    4. IM changes, so keep learning. Nobody "knows it all".

    5. If you can afford it, get a GOOD mentor. That will save you a lot of time and hassle trying to figure it all out yourself. Of course, don't just grab anyone, check them out first.

    6. Write to do lists and write down your plans and goals. This helps keep you productive. Dedicate ___ amount of hours per day or week, whatever works for your schedule.

    7. Ask for advice and guidance on the WF if you have any questions. You can also make good contacts.

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      I'll chip in --

      When looking for a niche, be aware that not every potential niche is profitable. So while your main interest is the mating habits of brown-speckled hamsters , there might not be any money to be made in that. Bottomline, aim to sell what's already in demand.
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      ive learnt so much from this forum & mainly about effective free marketing which i would never had before.
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    Something I wish I'd learned early on is focus on one project at a time until it either fails or succeeds, and then move onto the next project.

    Another tip is to write articles with the long term goal of combining them into reports - one of my biggest hangups in email marketing is what to promote. When you have your own reports its easy...
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      be consistent on what you are doing. Don't give-up after a couple of months failure. Don't change what you are doing when you haven't seen a good result yet. Internet marketing is all about patience, dedication, and perseverance.
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      Here are a few points on the basics of the forum:

      1. Read the forum rules.

      2. Don't believe everything you read. What I mean by that is that if you ask a question on 'what is the best way to...?' or 'what is the best...?' you will get a number of answers each one as good as the others. What is best for one person may not be best for another, so wrigh it all up as it can get very confusing.

      3. Be specific in any questions you ask. Try to avoid a subject line with 'Newbie needs help'. It is better to ask something like 'Is there any software that does.... (whatever it is)...?

      4. Answer posts as well as ask questions. When I started I used to feel as if everyone else was an expert and I was the only starter. You'd be surprised to know that you know things others don't. Chip in and help when you can.

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    I agree that taking action is the biggest piece then forget perfection and "just do it" get a framework set, follow a system, model after someone that is successful, put the blinders on and don't jump ship to the next shiny object in 3 days. I made my first $200.00 in selling information products in under 2 weeks with no list, no website and only making 2 postings in my niche forums.

    Once you have a clear vision of where you want to go decide on your plan of action and break down your goals into small steps that you will take to get there, write it down and hold yourself accountable by posting it near your desk. Then work on those steps everyday and don't fall off course- unplug your phone, internet connection or whatever you need to do- I set a timer and don't let myself "jump" tasks until the timer goes off. Your reward is seeing the money in your account.
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    My number one advice? Write down everything! Plans, goals, and ideas.

    1. Write down your goals where you'd like to be six months from now, a year from now, and five years from now.

    2. Create a step-by-step business plan that details out exactly how you're going to meet those goals.

    3. Every time you get an idea for a product, project, service, etc., write it down - immediately! I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been driving along, had a great idea hit me like a ton of bricks (one of those real "aha!" moments), worked it all out in my head... and then forgotten the most vital parts of it once I actually got around to working on it

    Oh, and one more thing - set deadlines for yourself. Deadlines - even self-imposed ones - will help you to stay focused (as already stated) and get moving. Pick a project, any project, and set a definite date for when it must be completed. Then don't stop until you're done
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      Strange this came up. I had a very vivid dream last night about succeeding online and basically someone was slapping my face and every time they slapped me they shouted


      I've been thinking about that all day and I think it means many things.

      Pay attention to how successful people market. Model what they do and not what they say.

      Pay attention to your inner voice. Whatever people say or recommend, how comfortable would you feel doing it? Are you a 'means to an end' person or do you have ethics?

      Pay attention to reality. How many people with no skills or experience have started making thousands of dollars a month just by buying a book/software/programme?

      Pay attention to your own character. Are you really cut out to be an entrepreneur?

      Pay attention to productive work. When you're doing something productive switch off from everything else and absolutely DO NOT start surfing/checking emails/visiting forums.

      Pay attention to your health. Without that what do you have?

      Pay attention to your family. You're doing this for them but if you get the balance wrong they won't be around when you strike it rich.

      Pay attention to Andy Henry when he says (time and time again) we are all different. There is no 'one size fits all' path to marketing to success. All roads lead to Rome if you choose the vehicle that is right for you.

      Pay attention to your goal. Do you want X number of dollars or a business that will make you a better person and feed you in your old age?

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    Don't try to read every ebook or learn every system;
    you aren't going to be able to do everything at once.
    When you find a money-making system that works -
    work it.
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    Start now. Write an article, slap some affiliate links on it and submit it as far and wide as you can.

    Bored and procrastinating? Write an article, slap some affiliate links on it and submit it as far and wide as you can.

    Thinking of "investing" in the latest money printing scheme? Write an article, slap some affiliate links on it and submit it as far and wide as you can.

    Watching TV? Write an article at the same time, slap some affiliate links on it and submit it as far and wide as you can.

    Just keep doing this and you'll start to see what works, what doesn't and get a real feel for what you're doing. Personally I started with this method but writing software but that's not for everyone so I translated what I did into articles.

    Your first articles will suck. They'll get refused all over the place. Half your affiliate links will be broken within a week. You won't be capturing leads to your marketing list.

    But you know what? You won't be doing anything of that stuff if you sit there doing nothing either.

    So get started then get better.

    PS: I'd like to add that you should feel free to replace "write an article" with whatever you're good at. If you can write software, do that. If you can design stuff, do that. But whatever it is, start doing it now.
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    Don't neglect the "business" side of internet marketing. I have not been as good at the accounts, minimizing tax paid, keeping costs low etc. as I have been the marketing side. mainly as I find that side dull and the marketing exciting. But this has cost me financially - and know I realize that if I make $100 or $1000 or $10000 online then I should fight tooth and nail to keep it, and not let it slip out on buying unnecessary products, bad planning etc. So for beginners get your BUSINESS side established early on.
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      People say "keep costs low!"

      However I say "Go to the the Goodwill and get an old tube monitor for $4.95 instead of buying a fancy new LCD monitor at Bestbuy for $200.

      Instead of getting a bag of potato chips at the grocery store, buy a bag of potatoes and bake them. Less expensive, more healthy."

      Try to save thousands every month, because you will need that money for advertising. A friend told me that he spends 1% on product development and 99% on advertising. It is expensive to get customers, I calculate the cost of each new customer at $200-$300. However they become an income stream.

      For example, one of my customers pays me $625/mo for product, over a period of ten years this is serious money.
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      Theory – The Next Big Trends

      Every 18 sec for the next 18 years someone will turn 59.

      What Business do you want to be in?

      Just a thought.

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      Thanks everyone for the golden nuggets!

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    My best advice would be

    1) stick to something until you succeed

    2) be consistent

    3) treat is as a business

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    Originally Posted by lazavas View Post

    wow! excellent post!
    Thanks lazavas.

    Cool, I'm glad I could get this thread active again. There is a lot of good information in it. I definately think this thread should be stickied that way wariors can keep adding to it and all new warriors can be able to find it when they join.
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    My advice for newbies to beging as freelancer. They can go to DigitalPoint or Rentacoder. THen they need to learn. They might come here to the forum, Affiliate Classroom, Internet Marketing Center.
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    The biggest lesson I have learned is to track key metrics and then make a list of things I can try to improve each one.

    By working carefully through my list, and tracking the results of each change, I've been able to make big strides.

    It takes a little work as I have to enter things manually into Excel, but it's well worth it.
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      Focus + Action + Discipline = Success!

      Keep it Simple

      1. Focus on achieving the end result.
      2. Take Action, Be Productive.
      3. Discipline yourself to complete your goals.

      Rinse and Repeat!

      Doing one project at a time helps beginner's stay focused.

      Trying to do to many things at one time can cause confusion leading to
      Paralysis Analysis/Information Over-Load!

      Learn from both the your Successes and your Failures because they both
      provide you with invaluable statical information that can help you to
      improve your next venture.

      Have a Great Day!

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