I met a guy in the pub who's not going to make it...

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...I don't mean he's going to die or anything, but he say's he has tried making money online and it doesn't work.

I asked him what he'd tried and what effort he had put in. I won't bore you with the conversation. I'll spare you that. Basically he was whining about the fact that he had to work a 9-5 job and he just didn't have the time to make any money online. He'd love to quit his job etc etc blah blah...

Just think about this for a second. He didn't have time...

I met him in the PUB for Chrisakes!

Any newbies reading this who think they don't have time, please take note!

The thing is this. Many people get started in internet marketing for the same reasons as you.
Because they want to be able to eventually quit their jobs and make money online instead.

Let's face it, it's a much more enjoyable way of earning a very nice living.

Some of those people succeed and some don't. Here's why...

Having a nine to five job means that you have worked those hours. That's 40 hours a week.
Or you may work 50 or 60 hours a week. That makes you tired and all you want to do when
you get home is to eat your meal and then relax in front of the TV, then go to bed and get
up for work again the next day.

The people who fail to ever make any money online are the people who do the above and
maybe fit in an hour or two a week working on their online business, or they do nothing.

The people who succeed in making money online and eventually replace their jobs are the
people who want to quit their jobs badly enough. They want the lifestyle that they see so
many other online marketers enjoy. So what they do is this....

They work their 9-5 jobs AND they work on building their online income. They don't come
home and watch TV. They come home, grab a coffee, and start doing something they
enjoy i.e. working on building their online business. They can see the future. Their future.

They do something every day. Instead of watching TV they are working on their online project.

Building and building until they start to see some income and then building on that until they start
to see more income coming in, then building on that until they are seeing a regular
income coming in and then building on that until they have much more than their job income coming in.

Then they quit their jobs and start really making some serious money by working
at home full time an building their online business.

Honestly, how many hours of TV do you watch a week? Add those hours up and tell me what
you get. 5 hours a day is about the norm (and some people watch TV before they go to work).
So 5 hours a day equals 35 hours a week.

What if you watched just 5 hours of TV a week? Only watching the things you really wanted
to watch? That leaves you with 30 hours a week to work on escaping your day job. Working
towards your goal to escape the rat race.

Do that and you will succeed. But it takes commitment. If you want something badly enough,
if you can see how different your life could be, then you'll make the sacrifice. But really, is it
a sacrifice? No. It's enjoyable and can pay off BIG time IF you want it badly enough.

Those that don't succeed and will always have to work for the man for a lousy monthly paycheck
are those exact same people who whine about the fact that they have no time to change their
lives because they are too busy with their jobs.

BULLS***T !!!

MAKE the time. Commit to learning the methods that will allow you to truly change your life in
a way that you can hardly imagine. Then work diligently at putting those methods into action.

Is it worth it?

Damn right it is!!

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    brilliant post!
  • Profile picture of the author Chirag
    Well Said Roy... I agree with you as it's a very valid point.

    Some little effort adds up to a whole lot in the long run but you've got to start from some where.

  • Profile picture of the author Kyle Tully
    Spot on Roy.

    I've given up helping people who tell me they don't have any time.

    I know a single mom working 2 jobs and she still finds an hour or two every single day to work on her online projects. If you think you're busier than her you're kidding yourself. But she knows where her priorities are and finds the time.
  • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
    Great thread Roy.

    I agree with you Sarah. You need to be prepared to work at it with no guarantee of success.

    If success was guaranteed then all the "I've no time..." people WOULD find the time, I'm sure.


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    Hey i agree with you too.
    Work online for few hours cant buuld you online stream of income
    you need to do research at least !
    and after you research , u must take action to build it

    So what if you have the knowledege but u are doing nothing !
    you wont earn anything from nothing, unless the money fall from the tree
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    Close all your previous doors, and new will eventually open!
  • Profile picture of the author danette77
    Too true, building an IM business does take time, and you only get out of it what you put into it.

    I started out working just a few hours a day in the evenings after my unfulfilling "day job" at a call center and now I am a full-time internet marketer. It can be done, don't give up folks.

    Experiment with different methods, find the ones that work best for you and duplicate them over time.
  • Profile picture of the author Chuck Underwood
    Very inspirational. Thank you for the great post.


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