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So I am starting to check out what Solo Ads are.
Is there a location/place where reputable Solo Ads services are available?
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    I am making the assumption that you are in the IM niche
    based on your current signature, in which case you can
    find many in the JV Section of the Warrior Forum.

    If you want them for topics outside of IM, then I strongly
    suggest the Directory of Ezines and similar resources.

    Good luck!
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    Directory of E-Zines is a great source. Good suggestion Mike. If you go with directory of e-zines I think there is a cost to join as well as the cost of the individual ads. If you go with people from WF be sure to check references as well as see if you can check with existing or former clients.

    Best of luck on your campaign!
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    I have and will continue to use Lots of cool people and decently priced solo ads.
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    Any other high end Solo Ads with reputable, strong lists? The cost may be higher, but curious.
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    Safe Swaps has IM'ers with massive sized lists and who have earned themselves a good reputation as well. What's more, you can even a get an idea of how reliable a solo seller is on safe swaps since the entire set up is so transparent. Give it a shot. Apart from this, you can also look at contacting individual IM'ers operating in your niche.
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    Hi, Sure here the some place you can purchase Solo Ads from:

    Solo Ad Directory: Ezine Advertising, Email Marketing - Reed Floren, who is the owner of this website reviews each Solo Ad by purchasing Solo Ads from the sellers, which is great!

    JV Section inside Warrior Forum
    Classified Section inside Warrior Forum

    Also make sure you ONLY purchase Solo Ads which 'Guarantee Clicks'. Don't go for Solo Ads based on List Size, because this does not make a difference, you should only purchase Solo Ads that guarantee clicks.

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    go to the best of the best for solo ads
    and that is Directory of Ezines
    there just revamping the site to make it
    better then ever.. the BEST resource
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    I have been a memeber of directory of ezines for many years. NOthing really compares with that.

    You are best off to try that out. cheers.
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    What is the link to directory of ezines? And how much is it?
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    what's your goal? to build list or to promote some product?
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    How big is your budget and how likable is the product/service you are advertising?
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    You can go with - it's a good place
    to start for the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online

    You can check out a quick interview I did over here
    on my site about it:
    Conversations with Marketing Superstars – Jason Parker | Online Income Cash

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    If you are just starting out, i would suggest you use the WF first...there are a few of them that have a hugh list and offer a reasonable price..

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