Are there any coders/programmers on warrior forum

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I am in the middle of building a flash games arcade site, and at first I was usng a script that I puchased but it's not doing what I want it to do.

Anyway I was thinking of starting again but using wordpress to build it, and what I want to know is how easy or hard would it be to implement a high score table underneath each game.

I want something like they have got on this site

If you click on a game you will see a large list of registered users high scores underneath it, and when you play a game, when it has ended the screen kind of refreshes itself and shows you your high score.

Most of the games that mindjolt uses comes from mochiads, which is where I will be getting majority of my games from.

So I want to know how did they do this can anyone point me in the right direction or if I were to hire someone to do this for me how much approx would this cost.

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    Where are the high scores stored? If you know that, then it's easier to determine how to show them. Are they displayed in a page at the game owners site?
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      Yes. There are definitely programmers on the WF.

      In fact, I started a social group on this site for 'em: Geeks Alive!

      I spent > 20 years pushing a coding pencil, and still put my hand in from time to time, though I primarily write & do marketing strategy now.

      Good luck on finding someone to help you with your project.
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      Thanks for your replys

      Bishop81- How do I find out where the high scores are stored? Yes they are displayed on the site owners pages, they are directly underneath the games.

      Zapseo - thanks for your reply but any hints on how they might have done this to push me in the right direction.

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    I'm sorry.I'm not a programmer but I checked on your site and I like the "Cowboy" game in the shooting category!!

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