eBook, give away for free or sell it?

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I am currently working on an eBook which will not only appeal to the Gambling Niche but also anyone who wants to make some reasonably quick, easy money. It is applicable mainly to the UK although I am goibg to check what the situation is in the US regarding betting with bookmakers. It will also be useful for Australian residents.

The eBook details a method that anyone in the UK can use to rapidly make £1000 - £3000 risk free. It's not a method of obtaining long term riches as, once you get to the £1000 - £3000 mark things slow down (i.e. you can only really do it once). Although it is a one off, it is still worth doing!

The information is available on the internet but with information all over the place it is not easy to implement. My eBook organises the information and explains the method in detail.

I am considering two options for this eBook. The first, of course, is to sell it. The second, which I am seriously considering, is to give it away free, and I have an idea of how I could do this to build an email list.

Any opinions on these two options?
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    I think that whether you decide to give it away for free or sell it depends on the length and detail of the eBook.

    If this is simply a short 20 page report then I would say by all means give it away and use it to build your list, stick in some affiliate links, etc. But if this is a very long detailed eBook you might be better off selling it to make the most profit. Maybe set up an affiliate program too.
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    Well I guess that would depend on a couple of things. Giving it away would be a great way to help build your list. My main question would be do you have another product related to gambling that you could use as a back end product?

    If you do then you could kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak. You could give it away to help build your list, and have links inside to your back end product which you could sell and generate some income.

    If the product does what you say it, you will go a long way towards building trust with your new customers and they will be much more likely to consider purchasing your back end product.

    If this is the only product you have my next question would be, do you plan on doing additional products in this same market? If not then I don't think the list building will be of much assistance to you as you are going to have a market audience targeted to gambling and no additional products or services for them to purchase. In that case then I would probably have to recommend selling the product as a one time income generator.

    Just my 2 cents....
    Good Luck!
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      Good points. Before you guys commented I was swaying towards giving it away for free. But I don't actually have a back end product to sell from it, and originally I wasn't planning on targetting the gambling Niche, as I am not a massive fan of "betting systems" and similiar.

      I am now thinking it may be better to sell it through an affiliate program. The product is different from the normal gambling market. It does involve betting, but it is exploiting a loophole which guarantees you make the money. As I said, you can only do it once though!
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    I think that you should sell it, wouldn't that be more profitable to you? & this might add value too!!

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