Free Link Cloaker just got better! FLCv2

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Hi guys and girls,

Nearly two years ago I made Free Link Cloaker (v1) and since then thousands of Internet marketers have taken advantage of it. I've received a lot of good feedback but also some feature requests over and over again.

These were the top three by a long *long* way -

- Wanting a hosted service so they didn't have to set it up themselves (and pay for hosting which many newbies don't have)
- Wanting a password protected admin area
- Wanting to be able to delete the old cloaks

Now I'm pleased to be able to offer you the chance to use Free Link Cloaker version 2.

- It's completely hosted on my servers so all the setup you have to do is register and point your domain to my server's IP address.
- You can setup unlimited cloaks for unlimited domains (and delete them when you're done).
- Track the number of click throughs you get
- Completely 100% free (apart from registering a domain name I guess). There aren't even any ads on there (may change in the future).

To see an example of the cloak produced - (yup that's an affiliate link but I'm not here to sell hosting so I hope no one minds)

To get started simple go to and if you have any troubles drop me an email to and I'll do what I can to help.



PS: I'd love to hear any and all feedback from people for feature requests, things you love, things you hate etc
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  • Profile picture of the author Andy Fletcher
    Well that's embarassing. Apparently a last minute tweak (with a typo in it) broke the last step of the registration process.

    Thank god for helpful people who email you about such things. Thank you. Thank you.

    All fixed now.


    • Profile picture of the author Jesus Perez
      Andy, congrats on the great new service! I recommend keeping a watchful eye on the kinds of links in there. You may want to specifically create a TOS that addresses adult links, racial or hateful stuff, etc. Also put a clause in there in case anyone starts using the URL for bulk mailing. Basically a "keep it clean" clause or "else".

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