Opt In Form On Sales Page Scares Away Affiliates?

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Is it true that opt in forms on a sales page scares away affiliates?
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    Hi Corey,

    I am new to IM but have been an old fashion marketer in the real world for years... (maybe that makes me an old gezzer I suppose!!)

    My two cents worth is this.... an optin in any sales letter not only worries affiliates but also provide a unnecessary distraction to the main objective which is to sell !

    As for affiliates I would be concern that potentials I send to the site gets "reconverted"

    Solution ; Maybe you might want to have a separate squeeze page or campaign to build your list and then promote your product to them.

    Or Install one of these new scripts that pop up only when visitors click off and try catching them from there ... Affiliates will still worry though

    Just my two cents worth !
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      I tend to steer clear of sales pages that have opt-in boxes on them, especially if I'm going to be trying to collect an opt-in myself.

      So, as an affiliate, I tend to look for pages that I can pitch without confusing the potential buyer...

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