Anyone in DMOZ?

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"I submitted to DMOZ oh its been 4 month now since am submit it. and still have not heard anything. Does anyone know how long this process takes."
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    What's DMOZ?
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      I have submitted twice over 2 years but it didn't go in.
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      Originally Posted by Andy Fletcher View Post

      What's DMOZ?
      Human edited directory with pagerank 8,and will really help to gain more visitor if you are listed in there...

      Please anybody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Man... I just came across a crappy angelfire site that was on the DMOZ... it had a 4 page rank lol

    edit: sorry. Didnt notice this thread was so old.
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    DMOZ never updates anything anymore. Pick a page and watch it for 6 months or a year - you might see one new site added, if you're lucky. I don't even bother submitting my sites anymore.

    And what's funny is that you look at the site and they claim they need new volunteers, and then you volunteer, and they always deny you. Every time, no matter what category you choose to edit. I'm starting to think it's a fraud.
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    One of my sites is in DMOZ - it's a local business directory site. I had to submit the site twice - it was approved shortly after the second submission - about 8 months after the site was started. (July 2007) I slowly built some quality, relevant links and got some .edu and .gov links as well.

    After the first submission I changed the meta tags to closely match the first 25 words of text, including key words on the first page of the site. (Site uses Wordpress.) I also edited a lot of the text to clean up some keyword redundancy and excess wordiness. Everything on the site is related to the site, the name of the site, the domain name and the first 25 words of text.

    I have no idea if these changes were what made the site acceptable but I was a pretty happy camper to see the site accepted!

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