Question for WP 2.6 users please

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I can't seem to find a specific setting to turn off duplicate content on the front page of my blog. It is showing the same post descriptions of the recent posts. One for the main, and one for new posts if that makes sense.

My question can I turn off some setting in my backend or is this part of the template itself?

If I can do it thru the backend, what setting am I looking for, and where is it in 2.6 version?

Thanks ... lol it's been some time since I put up a new WP blog, and can't seem to find the settings and stuff in the usual places.

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    I'm not 100% sure I understand correctly...

    The way I'm visualizing it is that it is displaying the same blog entry blurbs multiple times on the front page. Like this:

    -Business News-

    Post 1
    Blurb of post 1....

    -Financial News-

    Post 1
    Blurb of post 1....

    If this is the case then your problem is the cat#'s in the home.php template file

    If this problem sounds correct let me know and I'll walk you through fixing it.

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      If you are speaking of the name and shame wall site then you will need to edit the template.

      It looks as if you do not want the recent posts to show in the side bar of the front page. If that is the case I would venture to say the template would need editing.


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