Wordpress Graphics Modification - Help needed please!

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Hey Guys & Girls..

Being of less-than-average ability in the blogging/ css/ php etc. categories, I've just spent the whole darn day, trying to change the header graphic on a Wordpress Blog! So, as you might understand, I'm a little frustrated right now....somewhere in the region of: "I could catch a Rattlesnake & eat it raw"...

Now, I know some of you are gonna say: "But that's easy. Just..x...y..z". However, I urge you to try & think back to the very first time you did your very 1st line of code...That's me! So please, I do need detailed instructions. Alternatively, I'd be more than happy to buy someone a beer to sort it out for me.

Can anyone give me a hand? I'd be most grateful.

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    This is a pretty old scratchy video but I think it will give you the idea.

    Created by Camtasia Studio 4

    For better tutorials visit htt://www.msicoach.com
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      If you're still stuck, PM me and I can do this for you.
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      Do you have a graphics all ready if so just use your FTP client and go to this folder located in the wp files.


      then click the theme you are using then the image folder.

      From there just upload your new graphic to this to replace it ensure it has the same name and etxtension.

      header.jpg or header.gif depending on the original.

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