Would someone please explain WordPress subscribers to me?

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I publish the Best of Fiverr blog. In the Users section of the dashboard, there are about 2200 people listed as subscribers. The WP documentation says that means those people have Read-only privileges on the blog.

Okay, I understand that, though I don't understand how these people came to be subscribers in the first place.

Then I get this email the other day:

"You should have an email update every time a new gig is posted on your site you could let your subscribers know. Food for thought!"

Well, yeah, that would be great, but I don't see a way to do that in WP.

I'm technically proficient in some areas but WP continues to be a mystery to me. Help?

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    Let me make this simpler:

    1) How did I get subscribers, and

    2) How do I email them?

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    You get subscribers every time someone posts a comment on your blog.

    You can view their emails by clicking on the comments.

    You should see something similar to this when you log into your dashboard:

    Content Discussion
    10 posts 177 comments
    9 pages 15 approved
    5 categories 50 Pending
    10 tags 10 Spam

    When you click on the "comments", you can see the comment with the person's email address.

    I sent my post settings to all comments have to be approved first.

    Is this what you're asking?
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      Your WP site will have a feed.

      They've probably added it to a RSS reader.
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      Thanks, Lori! That's part of it. Good to know that subscribers are actually commenters.

      I get confused by WP because you can go to the classic WP login screen (the box in the center of a white page) and register your email address and password. I just tested that by registering one of my alternate email addresses there. I thought that might be what subscribers are -- people who have registered there.

      As for the "how do you email subscribers" question, I found an article from 2008 that says WP doesn't give you the capability to email subscribers -- but that was four years ago, an eon in Internet time.


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