Using Open Office To Format Kindle Books?

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Has anyone had experience using Open Office to format Kindle books?

I just submitted my first book for review to be published. I hope it goes through. I am not positive that I made the TOC work properly.
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    It can be used but there is a way to use it and create a mobi file that looks great on the Kindle......and it can be done free and easily. I've got a free guide which shows you how to do it:

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      Sure you can - I've done it. Just an FYI - Open Office is no longer supported, so you may want to d/l Libre Office (it's EXACTLY the same as Open Office, but it's got the support behind it).

      I'd also suggest you d/l this ebook: Formatting Ebooks with Open Office Writer. The author of this ebook gives a lot of great tips that work with either OO or LO. I've found a lot of the tips are real timesavers. :-)

      I think you can find it on Amazon, but if you can't you can also find it on Smashwords, and you can d/l it in a bunch of different formats, depending on what you read your ebooks on.

      It's on Smashwords here:

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    Great information! Thanks for the thread.
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    You should download the Kindle Previewer free for your computer and it will allow you to preview your file before you submit it. You'll be able to see if your TOC works and also flush out any formatting errors. That way you can have them straightened out before your book goes live.
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    Thank you for info. I already published an for kindle but without strict format. Now I will fix it easily.
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    Yep , I submitted one for KDP and within 2 weeks had an approval. Not too difficult, just generated the document I wanted, converted to PDF and submitted.
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    It worked! I manually edited some of the on page html links before uploading. The TOC works!

    It is online now.

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