How many pages does your eBook have to be for Kindle?

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Sorry to start another thread - I've just got lots of questions just now.

I was wondering, before I put my new eBook on my list if I'd be able to make a few $ from Amazon Kindle.

My eBook is only 4000 words. I have a good Kindle WSO and I think I could maybe make a few sales using the tactics in the book. I'm not thinking a huge amount. Maybe just $0.99 or something.

The goal isn't to become rich. I just think it would be a good way to offer it for free on Kindle for 48 hours and it would promote my website quite well, then if it's making good progress on the charts, add a dollar or something and make a bit back for to pay the cost of the Kindle conversion $47.

Then use it as a freebie and hope my new visitors don't kill me.

Would it work or is it too short?

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    It probably is a little on the short side. 20 to 30 pages would look much better than 5.

    And why pay $47 for Kindle conversions???
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    There are no minimum word counts in Kindle, thus your book needs to be at least one page in length, but I wouldn't make it one page if I were you.
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    Yes, why are you paying for the Kindle Conversion? Its REALLY easy to do. Do you have a bunch of charts?
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    Is it possible to use Open Office Libre?

    I don't have word, only Libre or Microsoft Works.

    I think I have an old word somewhere but it's 2002 or something.
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    I published a book of 9 pages on Amazon Kindle
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    Open Office works too, I think. There should be a way to save the file as HTML, which MobiPocket will work with.

    I've heard that Open Office doesn't add in some of the weird HTML code that MS Office does, although I haven't tried it for myself yet.
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    This was a great thread to read. Excited about my first eBook, so thanks for sharing
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    I use Open Office for my Kindle products. I've made a template and when I've a story written, I just drop the content into the template and save as a .doc file. Then format to .mobi so it's ready for the Kindle.

    About word/page count: mine are 5,000 words. Shouldn't be a problem with 4,000 if it's what readers want.

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    Thanks bchez, that sure is very helpful for me. I was on the lookout for a good kindle converter too.
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    Most of my Kindle books are around 4000 words, you should be fine. And yeh, don't pay that much for converting it, Google search or just ask around and you will be able to get it done in no time.
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    I would shoot for 8K words personally, at minimum .. at least that's what works for me--and try to make a series out of it. and if you do fiction, well just end each one in the old-fashioned cliff-hanger...
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    I think that is plenty of words and i have had ones with less words work! Good luck!

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