Can you make money from Kindle publishing?

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I am interested to hear from anyone who is making money from Kindle. I've seen lots of tips and advice on this forum about how to publish on Kindle but very little about how others are profiting.
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    Kindle is a huge part of my business. I have TONS of fun with it and make good money with it as well.

    I'm sure you've noticed this thread where myself and others are sharing information on the subject:

    Feel free to PM me or add me on Skype if you want to talk more in-depth about Kindle, I love helping people get started!
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    My guess is that they wouldn't be posting on the forum because they'd be out profiting from the work they are doing with the kindle platform...

    I've published a couple of short ebooks on Kindle and make a couple of sales a day just from correct title naming.

    So there isn't any secret, it's just about actually doing it...

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    my view is to be careful with this genre, it's only a matter of time before Amazon have another round of slaps and erotica may be on the receiving end.
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    Kindle is a big part of my business friends. They have a LOT of fun with it and make good money with it too.
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    The Kindle publishing business is a great way to make money on if you know how to.

    These are some tips to help you:

    1. Judge a book by its cover

    Remember that, when it comes to actually SELLING your book (as opposed to reading it), the cover is king. Spend time on it.

    2. Choose your keywords carefully

    Until recently, Amazon allowed uploaders to add as many keyword tags to their Kindle titles as they liked (i.e. words which will help the book show up in searches), but not any more. You’re currently allowed just seven, so choose them with great care.

    3. Don’t underestimate the value of your work

    There’s great debate all over the ebook world about pricing. All to often, the advice is: make it as near to free as possible. While this does entice some readers, it also badly devalues the long hours of work you’ve put into your book.

    4. Throw away your copy of Word

    Although you CAN upload Word documents for conversion into Kindle format, I’d say don’t. Unless you’re prepared to re-upload it every time you find some weird formatting glitch in the finished product. And ebook readers HATE formatting glitches.

    5. Plan ahead

    When you come to write your next masterpiece, think ahead. If needs be, don’t write it in Word at all, just use a simple text editor. It makes for less work later on.
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    I agree not to undervalue your work. If you choose the right niche and really deliver value, you can charge a lot more than 0.99c. Then you don't need to sell that many to make a good income and establish yourself as an authority in that market if you want to too.
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    I've got a few books up on Kindle and they have made me some decent money. I love the platform and the ease to upload ebooks, HOWEVER...

    I would not use KDP as my Primary Business Model simply due to the fact that all it takes is for Amazon to change their algorithm or something (which they have over the last couple of months) and BOOM...your business could spiral completely out of control.

    For an additional income stream I'd say "YEAH, go for it, there's money to be made there". But as a Primary Business.... I'd say "NO". That's just my personal opinion on the matter though..
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    I wrote a handful of books a year or so ago and they continue to earn autopilot commissions.

    These books are in a variety of niches and generally sell without any promotion at all.

    So yeah, you can definitely make money with Kindle
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    I love publishing on kindle.... I have a few books out there and they do ok... it is essen5rally easy money once the book has been written....

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    I'm interested in writing books to publish on Kindle but not really sure since the market is so saturated these days and a lot of people have far more knowledge than I do on the hot topics. How do you get people to your book? Just promote on your blog or when you write articles?
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    Most of the stuff on kindle these days are PLR anyway.
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    We have dabbled with it - still prefer publishing ebooks and information products on other platforms where I get more control and higher perceived price.

    We have had some success with lower-priced Kindle reports driving traffic into sales funnel for higher-end products...this is one way that I only see a few people leveraging the Kindle network

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    I have not tried Kindle yet, is this similar to selling ebooks via Amazon? And can you sell the ebooks you created for Kindle at Amazon as well?
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    Kindle can be good for business. Just make sure it's a 100% original ebook that you wrote yourself.
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    I'm a living example of this. I make money from kindle these days but there are some dirty secrets that you must learn when it comes to kindle publishing,

    Its so easy to set up but making money or getting people to buy in bulk is the main thing. If you can build a follower first (I prefer email list) then its so much okay.

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    Originally Posted by Martyn Wilson View Post


    I am interested to hear from anyone who is making money from Kindle. I've seen lots of tips and advice on this forum about how to publish on Kindle but very little about how others are profiting.
    How much money do you consider money?

    I published a book over a month ago, it has been pulling two sales a day. I did promote it, but not anymore. It is on its own and the curve of sales seems to be growing slowly. This one is non fiction.

    Yesterday, I released another one. Fiction. Today I saw three sales.

    One was me.
    One was a good friend. (TY)
    The third one... I donĀ“t know.

    So... can you make money in the book industry? Definitively. Is it a get rich fast thing? I would say NO.
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    8 Tips How To Publish On Amazon Kindle For Cash.

    It must start with finding a hot topic niche, then finding the right keyword. you must have great covers for your books. Aways be your own work.

    Tip 1. Give your first book earnings to a charity to build you as a star auther to other supporters, make sure the charity has a good follow on facebook or some social network, and set this up with them. supporters of the charity will buy your book to help that charity.

    Tip 2. Have your second book in your series ready to go,

    Tip 3. Build an email list with the supporter that purchased your book. (ready made buyers).

    Tip 4. pre-launch for your second book, get them ready with a free gift.

    Tip 5. Launch with a bonus.

    Tip 6. Get your next book in your series ready to go.

    Tip 7. Add more marketing to your business to gain more sales.

    Tip 8. Rince and repete
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    Here is my tip for you.

    1. Pick a niche with no competition - zero.

    Well, you will find that your book sells even if it is poor.

    This tip is worth its weight in gold I say. In fact, you can sell more books than even established authors because they are not competing with you.

    Maybe you should think of it this way. If you go into a grocery looking for salt and there is none. Will you buy extra sugar. The answer is no. However, you will buy some brand that is generic. It does not matter what the brand is. Also, you are willing to pay more. In fact, going back home without salt is not an option for you. Heck, you will even buy special salt from the sea. That one is very expensive. It does not matter as you are not willing to exit the grocery. Without salt that is.

    People will type the keyword into amazon. Well, yours is the only book that will pop up. After a while it will get some reviews. This will make sales increase. It takes about a month for a new book to catch fire and then amazon puts your book in the HOT NEW RELEASES area. Oh yes, that will help you even more.

    Trick is to find a niche with no competition - zero.
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    Selling ebook on Kindle is funny and really produce cash, and also subscribers.
    I'm selling on Italian Amazon Kindle store, mainly, but I've tried also the USA one.
    With a bit of attention to SEO, and a good cover, half of the job is done.

    See you soon!
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