EzineArticles: Limited Submissions??

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Has anyone run across this error?

I’ve submitted articles before to EzineArticles, and never had any problems submitting several at a time.

Here’s it the error I got when I submitted an article today. I have 7 “live” and 1 “pending review”.

Sorry, You have no more submissions left.
EzineArticles.com Account Status
Account Status For Donna Abreu
Current Membership Level: Basic
Submissions Left: 0

You have run out of article submissions. Before we can review your account for a possible free upgrade, one or more articles on your account are awaiting approval or need your attention.

You currently have pending, modified, and/or problem articles that need to be approved or fixed before you can request an account upgrade.
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    This happens when you reach a certain number of articles. You just have to wait to be told your account has been upgraded
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      The same thing happened to me. Let your pending article be approved and apply for upgrade.

      If you alreday have applied for upgrade then you must wait.
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    It appears that your account is listed at basic, which does limit you. Have you been a member for awhile? They have to upgrade you to the next level in order for you to be able to submit more articles.

    You can either wait for that to happen, or shoot them an email to see if they'll bump you up.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks everyone!

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