Strange Forum Issue with IE7?

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Is anyone else having immediate crashes in IE7 when they visit the forums. I usually use Firefox so never really worry about IE but I had a client contact me with the issue (I send them to the WF all the time because of the great resource it is) and I tried and got the same thing.

If others are having this issue then I hope Allen has an opportunity to take note and I will report back with any information I can to help resolve this issue.
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    I use firefox too, I just tried IE7 and everything seemed fine.

    Kindest regards,
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    Ahh, it looks like a local issue (to my machine and my clients). It works fine clicking a hyperlink to the forum but copying and pasting the link into the address bar freaks it out and shuts it down. Another wonderful undocumented feature from Microsoft!

    Thanks for the feedback
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      I had that same problem this morning exactly as you stated, links working fine, C&P crashed IE7. Strange, I guess its staying with FF for now.

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