Can You See My Opt In Form?

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I can't see it... but other people tell me they can. It's set to show after 10 seconds when the page is loaded. It's an aweber form on a Wordpress blog (which is a royal pain for anyone who's ever done that. Basically if you don't have widget-aware sidebars, you're up a creek!)

Can you see it or not?
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    I saw the pop up form...
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    I saw it the first time I visited your site, but not the second. I checked the cookies your site is using and found that you have this form set up to show only once to each visitor.

    Did you see your form once, and then it disappeared? If so, that's what's happening. You can go back to AWeber and change it if you like. I have mine set to show every 30 days for returning visitors.
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    The other day I came across a great tutorial on on how to widgetize a non-widgetastisized (?) site.

    I'll stop making up words, and just say that after reading it I had widgets going in less than 5 minutes.
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    I voted "no"... but I meant to vote "yes". (I didn't know where to look for your form).

    After visiting your site, the opt-in page did appear... though it took about 6 or 7 seconds to load.

    Sorry for skewing your data. :p
  • Profile picture of the author Scott Ames
    I see it, but it appeared below the fold for me.

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