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Hello fellow warriors,

I want to purchase a new domain for a site in the niche to make money online.... does anyone have any suggestions on a domain? I have purchased domains before but I really want this one to be perfect.
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    Jeffrey, I helps a bit with search engine ranking if your domain includes your base keyword ie, in your case [make money online], but it's probably already taken.

    You could try to find one with hypens [make-money-online] maybe?

    (the StartBusinessMentor)
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    Perfect, huh?!

    How about focusing on how you are going to suggest that people make their money!

    For example, if you are showing them how to make shoelaces to bring in the money, it could be:

    If it is a compilation of different ideas to make money, it could be: OR a number is always great...

    Think of a way you can set yourself apart from everybody else. What are you offering that will make other people think, "WOW!"? In other words, what is your USP? And you are going to need one helluva USP in that niche! In fact, narrow the niche down a couple of notches:

    Making Money Online = Making Money Online Writing = Making Money Online Writing for Trade Magazines.

    Good luck!

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