Need Some Generic, Extremely Cheap PPC Keywords With Massive Traffic

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So I want to finally do some A/B testing on some different copy techniques that I've been looking at.

Problem is, I have a couple dozen different techniques I'm thinking of, and I want a decent sample size to compare the techniques against a control. So, I need some keywords that are very cheap to buy with PPC, but get tons of daily traffic.

I don't care what niche this traffic is in, really- and I also don't expect to make any front end sales with these campaigns. I plan on simply setting up a squeeze page or something, and simply looking at the numbers as they pertain to conversions in that respect.

Any ideas?
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    do some research , and go after some long tail keywords in which ever niche you want. they are easy to get on first page
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      Sorry, it seems as if I may not have been clear enough in my OP.

      I'm not trying to build organic search rankings, and I'm not after long tails- I need more traffic than long tails.

      What I'm looking for are cheap keywords with huge traffic on any niche that I can buy a large amount of PPC traffic for cheap.

      An example (although still at a much higher CPC than I'm looking for) would be the keyword "Britney Spears." It gets 204,000 searches per say @ a CPC of $.35.

      I don't need profitable keywords, just cheap & highly searched for.

      Any ideas? How do you test out isolated copy techniques?

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