Is there a way to see how much traffic a web page gets?

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Just so you know, the webpage isn't mine.

Is there any service (preferably free, like Alexa, maybe?) that can tell me how much traffic any webpage gets? Where it comes from, etc.?

Just to clarify, I want to know if it's possible to find this info out for a specific webpage, not the entire site, ok?

Thanks for the help!
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    You can try to estimate it with Alexa,, Quantcast, etc... but they're just statistical estimates and have no idea what the real numbers are.

    You can do a link: search on Google to get a subset of the links pointing to a page.

    But no, there's no way to know how much traffic another site has or where it comes from. There's no way for another service to get the information without the webmaster voluntarily giving it to them (like putting tracking code on the site, which is how hosted web stats services get it to report for you).
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    Statbrain is an online web stats tool that can give you an approximate measure of the number of page views on your website.

    It uses a combination of Alexa rank, backlink counts from Google, and Yahoo to generate the figure.

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