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I notice that in a ton of threads in here people answer questions with things that just seem logical. They read what people are asking and reason out what seems like a good answer.

But I wonder how many of these people are really having any actual success.

I'm very curious of all the hundreds or even maybe thousands of people giving responses - many of them sounding reasonable - how many really make even a substantial portion of their living from this stuff?

Wouldn't it be a wake up call to find out that 99% of the people in these threads answering questions and giving advice by just reasoning out what seems to make sense are not really making much of a living at this at all?
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    If people are looking for a qualified mentor then forum 'discussions' probably are not the right place anyway. Would i for example need to make a great living out of the 'New EU Law' to qualify for discussion on this subject. Mostly everyone in life learns something new everyday including you.

    People in here may actually be quoting info gleaned from other WF/guru/IMers that are successful on that subject or from research regardless whether they are able to perfect making hoards of money on that skill themselves. This is not just some forum that allows only the opinion of pros or successful entrepreneurs.

    If you are such a pro & despise people stealing your show then there's nothing stopping you from answering your chosen threads all day long.

    I haven't made one cent from video marketing for example but I can give you privelledged information right now that the pros advise. Why would that make my words any less relevant?
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      Originally Posted by Blimeyoreilly View Post

      If you are such a pro & despise people stealing your show then there's nothing stopping you from answering your chosen threads all day long.
      I'm no pro. I'm barely making anything right now and trying to learn how to do better. But I'm confused when I read threads because everyone talks as if they know what they're talking about. But in reality only a handful probably do. And the others just reason out what seems to make sense. But the problem is that what seems to make sense is often not actually correct.

      I guess I just wish there was more transparency of where people are getting their info. Are they making $5000 a month so they know from experience? Are they quoting someone else who is successful? Or are they just reasoning things out and thinking that if something seems logical it's true in Internet marketing, which I disagree with. Or are they just posting some nonsense to get more clicks on their signature link.

      I have no problem with discussion from everyone of course. That's what the forum is for. It's just hard to know which information to take seriously when you don't really know where it's coming from.
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    Yes and the irony of what you write is that I think a lot of the people who are making money oftentimes struggle with the ability to logically convey how or what they are doing. Generalization, yes. Truth in it, yes. Does it matter, no.

    Even those with success who are able to articulate relative answers aren't able to guarantee anything. Someone with or without success may be able to explain the hell out of something, but that doesn't mean that someone listening can then repeat it or create it themselves, no matter how well it's been explained.

    I love logic, explanations, and articulate reasoning, but things seem to always come back to action again and again.

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    Well it's true, on the internet you never really know for sure what the truth is. So your point is well taken. You could actually be an internet marketing millionaire, but to keep a low profile you said you barely make anything. No one knows.

    What I take from that, is that while it's sometimes helpful and insightful to to hear what people in a forum are saying, in the end I have to figure it out myself. The only answers I ever know are real are the ones I find thru my own work.

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    OK this thread has become thoroughly pointless. Does anyone else want to actually discuss the topic I raised?
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    Count me in as one of the full timers that makes a good living. However, I'm not your typical IM'er in here. I don't do the splash pages and e-books, etc. and I'm turned off by a lot of the "get rich quick" schemes that attract a lot of people. I built my business the old-fashioned way. Gathered a few products and then marketed the hell out of them. That enabled me to buy a lot more and I built a few retail stores. Then I got into advertising portals. I use a lot of the marketing techniques that you'll find in this forum but I only use the ones that fit into what I'm doing and that I like, but especially those that I feel are above board and ethical. The "Golden Rule" should always be your guide.

    I can only speak for myself but you can trust in my advice and I've got a proven track record. I've been doing this for 12 years and I don't BS around. I like marketing. I could talk it all day and in fact teach it on the side some. I've got a small consulting business. I don't market the business because I don't have a lot of time but I occasionally get referrals from past clients. I love coming in this forum and talking shop.

    There are a handful of people in here that know what they're doing. If you read the posts carefully and trust your instincts, you'll figure out who they are.


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