Anyone getting traffic and sales from free classified ads sites?

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Sites like usfreeads or any others. freeadvertisingforum is down. Any other classified sites worth using? Can you use craigslist to promote my own IM video course about blogging?
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    Craigslist, will flag you for that type of post. It is possible to post that, but you have to be sneaky.

    You might be able to get away with it, doesn't hurt to try!
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    I may get shot down for saying this but I have always thought that posting on free classified ad sites was a waste of time and energy even if it was part of an outsourse package. I'd rather spend a little more time on a single promotional method with a proven track record than a bunch of quick little ads that seldom if ever get read and clicked.

    As 22 said Craigslist will flag it so that again would be more time lost, it's not worth it to try a sneak one by.

    Take care! I'm out for the day.

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    I have tried posting ads in free classified ads sites like Craiglist, Backpage, Gumtree etc but the results were appalling - very few traffic generated and the traffic does not convert at all, so I agree with Todd that it is really a waste of time. You may be better off spending $9.95 for Classified Ads at ebay which last for 30 days. Make sure you offer something free, have a good squeeze page & sales funnel (oto or upsell).
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    I agree in large part with what others have said here. Still, done correctly, you can get some traction with this method. I used to use Craigslist quite heavily to promote my design business. Granted, it was a service... so it didn't look spammy. But, I posted in cities all over the U.S. and got quite a few clients that way.

    If I was going to use the medium for a video blogging course or product I'd go about it this way...

    1. Do all the work yourself to see what generates leads, makes sales, etc..
    2. Find a way to post something that is WITHIN their terms of service. I.E., create a consulting course or page that also links to your product (just an example.)
    3. Register 3 - 10 different email addresses and phone numbers. Google Voice and Skype are your friends.
    4. Post with a different account every time. Just rotate through. (since you can't make the same or similar post within a 2 day period or something.)
    5. If you really want to get hard-core, have a few different templates you use and rotate your IP with a tool like hide-my-ip or something.
    6. Finally, none of this would be worth it if you couldn't scale it. So, write out how the whole process works then hire someone else to do it. Keep in mind, however, that a LOT of what I just said violates Craigslist TOS.

    I'm not much for clouding the Internet with more useless ****. That being said, sales are good. :-) Might be an interesting experiment. There are probably better strategies for your time invested though. Guest posting, networking, affiliate programs, Adwords, SEO, etc...
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    I get a ton of traffic from USFreeads. I've been using them for almost 5 years. It is somewhat time consuming to create the ads properly, but they rank very well. It is easy to get on page one of Google, Yahoo & Bing. I have many (hundreds) of ads that are 3-4 years old still on page one, above the fold, bringing me 20, 50, 70 and even hundreds of hits each per month for very targeted items. I use them a lot for Amazon & EPN sites, physical products, not eBooks or info products. I love them! At $10 per month, it's basically free IMO!
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    Hey JohnnyDeez, could you throw out a few tips for posting on Craigslist? I am considering launching a real-world referral/affiliate program for web design and could use a few pointers if you have the time. I haven't used Craigslist much, so any tidbits would be very appreciated.
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    Hello everyone, I was told not to advertise on craigslist as it is very strict.
    I have recently tried USfreeads and managed to generate 1 subscriber the following day when I posted my ad.

    But of course it doesnt always happen I guess. But anyway I am still in the process of
    testing out classified ads and will share with you guys more if I get some results from it.
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    I have tried someone to post 50 ads a day for me on craiglist and the results didn't please me for the price and later the ads got flagged.
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    You could try Craiglist, for me, it's marvelous since bring traffic to my site, though not a lot, just a little. Consider it's free ,it's definately to effort for you.
    So, TRY !
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    Nope. I've tried every classified ad software and it didnt make money. The ad didn't even show up in the classified ad website mentioned! I've tried to do it manually too and still... no sales. Don't waste your time with free classified ad sites... unless you're selling physical items on Craigslist.
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    From a freelancing point of view, I have had a few jobs from Gumtree, although i do recieve a lot a spam from people on there aswell.

    I've not had much luck with craigslist though.. maybe it's because i'm in the UK

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