Free vs Paid Service?

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The first time I knew Adsense, I face a very important question. Should I purchase domain? Or just build my very first blog with

As normally happens, I use the free one, because I do not want to spend money at my first try. Spending my money at the first time will costs me money and I don’t like it . And everything is cool. I build all my blogs with free domain and free hosting by using blogger service. I am quite diligent at that time. I posted my writing everyday, doing a routine blog hopping, reply people comments and build backlinks. Then, I see another goldmine, that is : Paid to Review.
Paid to Review is a cool service where we will get money from posting our writing. As my experience, we will get paid around $5-$10. I sign up in two service provider, those are : blogvertise and sponsoredreview. For the first time, it is very cool because, by not spending money, I will get money in my paypal. Who said that we can not build business without money?

Now, I understand why we can not build business without investing money. Because it will not last forever. Several days ago, I got an order for posting my writing in my blog. They value my post as $7 and it is ok because I have left the blog for around a year and if they like it : It’s awesome. The problem is, when I check the blog, BLOGGER HAS DELETED IT. OMG. So, all my first blogs will not be safe.

It is not a cool experience and I am not your advisor that push you to purchase domain or hosting but, consider my experience before you build you’re an awesome blog with free domain and hosting. This is also related with your autoresponder choice. It’s cool to get list without investing money but, what will you do if, when you sleep, it is disappeared from internet…FOREVER? It’s almost the same with the case where we rent a house and modify it to be a castle, and finally we have to return it to the owner. It’s your choice now. Feel free to share about your experience.
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    Experts internet marketing also recommend investment domain and hosting to build your web / blog. But not everyone has the financial ability.
    There is a reasonable investment strategy will bring quick and efficient than using the free service.
    But that does not mean that there is no chance for people just like FREE, (I was one of them: D)
    It is my opinion
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    starting with freebies is ok but, I am afraid that it can waste the time
    so, we have already invested time and energy there and then, we can not control it
    and anyway, when we have a personal blog and it uses paid domain, it will create a professional image rather than we use free domain
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      Originally Posted by ivanadee View Post

      starting with freebies is ok but, I am afraid that it can waste the time
      so, we have already invested time and energy there and then, we can not control it
      and anyway, when we have a personal blog and it uses paid domain, it will create a professional image rather than we use free domain
      I also agree with this opinion.

      The choice of free or paid depending on the plan, the strategy of each marketer.
      But in my view, applied both methods will create a certain effect. Do not invest too much on advertising, combined generate by FREE traffic. This is how I applied, its performance, only time will answer
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    This sounds like an excellent way to make some extra money. I was thinking of finding a new way to bring in some income to be used for investing in IM campaigns. Thank you.
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    i have never had a problem with blogger. were you doing something unethical to get your posts deleted?
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    I have always regarded platforms like blogger or wordpress (on their hosting) to be for hobby and even if you use them for business, to be unreliable. Not in the sense that they actually are unreliable, but in the sense that I shouldn't invest money or time into them that I am not willing to lose.

    I have offline clients that "have a blog" and most of the time it is one of these platforms. I always encourage them to just set up a basic wordpress site and either add it to their website or keep it independent. Yes, a server can go down or there can be other problems even with private sites, but there is more control and you legally own it.

    Also, if someone can't afford $10 for a domain name and $5 a month for hosting than they need to evaluate what they are doing online trying to make money.

    You Are Not Your Thoughts
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      I would never use blogger for a business website. It just does not look professional enough. Hosting is not expensive at all and having your own website looks much more professional.
      My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    I prefer paid services. I don't feel save to get a free domain and hosting services. These are the soul of your internet marketing business. I don't write good English so I outsource it. Especially Articles, I rather pay more to do the submission for me.
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