List building, but stuck again, need help.

by BDE4Live 6 replies
I know I need to give some sort of free information to build my list, but not sure how to go about it.
I want to use clickbanck , the Health & Fitness or diet niche, but I'm not sure how to get this free information to give it out.

1.First I'm I allowed to give free information from the product ?

2.Do I have to buy it,to get this free information to give it out ? they are $$$, I know I should buy it but right now money is a problem for me, so I need to be smart with it.

Any suggestion would be great.

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    Well, You can get free PLR reports from the internet, edit them to give them a personal touch and make a report, and then simply use it as your freebee. Make sure your report revolves around the product you are intending to sell.

    For starters, head over to Private Label Rights And Master Resell Rights Products For Free! to get some free PLR reports and products. I have heard good stuff about the guy. Alternatively, you can just use Google.
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    Originally Posted by BDE4Live View Post

    1.First I'm I allowed to give free information from the product ?
    Not normally, no. Copyright, you know?

    But some vendors do actually supply something (free of charge) for affiliates to use for this specific purpose. (Information about this can be found in their Marketplace listings and/or their Vendor Spotlight pages and/or their "affiliate" page.)

    Originally Posted by BDE4Live View Post

    2.Do I have to buy it,to get this free information to give it out ? they are $$$, I know I should buy it but right now money is a problem for me, so I need to be smart with it.
    You normally need to see the product, one way or another, before promoting it, really. (Otherwise how will you know that it's any good, or that you want to promote it, and allow your name to be associated with it?).

    Some vendors will give potential affiliates a "review copy" (free copy). Others don't like to. There's no harm in asking, anyway. What tends to matter is how you ask. There are suggestions here:
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    Hi Op,

    Aside from practical advice specific to your question (like Alexa already gave), I would encourage you to create your own giveaway to get people to sign up.

    This would be 100% free and would brand you to your subscribers as an authority right off the bat.

    It doesn't have to be long or complex, just quality and relevant to the product and niche you are targeting. Many site owners and list builders will create 5-10 page ebooks with 18 pt font and double spacing offering quality content to their readers in exchange for them signing up. You could do something like "10 steps to ....." or "5 tips for....." or "recipes for quality ...." or whatever and as long as you didn't copy any content, you can easily find inspiration for this online.

    Alternatively, you could purchase PLR for cheap (less than $5 sometimes) and use that.

    Regardless, it needs to be quality quality quality.

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    The free information you give away should ideally be something you create yourself. You can get tons of information for the content you want to use just by search on the internet

    From this info you can either write a small ebook or report or a handful of videos onthe subject giving away the free information for an email address. Value is the key - make sure its good quality

    Hope this helps
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    as jim says above, you should really focus on creating something which is unique to YOU

    first impressions play a vital part in your online business so if you give away an ebook full of garbage or the same ol plr drivel then your facing an uphill battle from day 1

    even if your an affiliate theres nothing wrong with doing some research in your niche and putting together lots of quality tips and info in a free report/guide/ebook

    and of course if your building a list around your own product then the same rules still apply, make sure its packed full of value and top quality stuff

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      just like paul and jim have both mentioned create your own product.

      Whatever niche your involved in, apply your own experience to your product, create your own authority. If you have some experience in your niche, you can create an ebook, or a report or even videos if your demostrating something, or just wish to help your potential list. It then becomes unique to you.

      PLR products i persoanlly would stay away from, so many people have used them. create your own.

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