Anyone Have Experience With Patenting and Launching a New Physical Product?

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Hi Warriors,

My wife has what we believe is a great product idea for nursing mothers. But I don't have a clue how she'd go about patenting the idea, partnering with a company to get the product created and so on.

Have any of you ever done this before? If so, I'd love to hear from you either in this post or by private message.

Thanks in advance,

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    Let's just say that I have *extensive* experience in this field...

    Please feel free to give me a call anytime and I'd be happy to spend a few minutes discussing it with you (and your wife) gratis.

    The field of new product development and licensing is rife with misinformation, FUD and charlatans. Please avail yourself of my assistance.


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      Hi Mike

      There are over a half a dozen baby products sitting on the shelves of major retailers that I have had a hand in bringing to market. So I guess I have some *extensive* experience in this field as well ;-)

      Here are some suggestions that will apply to any physical product you are trying to develop...

      If you are serious about this, you will want to get a copy of David Pressman's books, and I suggest you get "The Complete Inventor's Bundle" on patenting over at Nolo Press. (And don't get the ebook, you will want a hard copy. I literally wore my first copy out years ago and bought another copy around 2003.) Hands down the best start you could ever give yourself.

      You need to have everyone you talk to about this project sign a non-disclosure before you get into any specifics of your project. If you are just having generic converstaions with others on the process you certainly don't need them to sign a ND, but in the long run you will want the ability to prove you have kept the intelectual property specifics of your invention out of the publics' hands. There are reasons for this that will become clear once you get to the MFG or licensing stage.

      I wish I could tell you I could help you out for free, but after years of doing this professionally that won't be the case. I could help you by giving you a commercial evaluation of your product based on the hundreds of ideas that have crossed my desk regarding baby products, and that I would be happy to do for free. It would just be my opinion, and you would need your non-disclosure in place.

      Anyway, good luck with your project, and get those books I talked about ordered today if you think you are serious about this. You can PM me if you want some further info, I'd be happy to give you some starting guidence. (I'm not soliciting your business, btw.)

      Much success,

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    Hi Mike

    First of all i wish all th best to your wife for her new venture.
    There are many patenting firms and lawyers who can help you but you should search for someone in your city and state. I am saying this because i believe that for all legal matters, people should be in the same state and city as they will be able to give and impart correct knowledge to you.
    Also, before starting the service, make sure that you get your business patented because believe you me, it solves so many problems for future and most importantly it gives you the piece of mind.
    Before going to the lawyer or the firm, get all your facts straight. Make sure the idea is new and innovative.
    You can also look out for online services in this field. There are many online services which specializes in Patent law.

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