CAn any UK Warriors help me help someone in need

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Hi Warriors - this is an unusual request.

I appreciate that this is somewhat off topic, but hope that an exception can be made for a good cause.

A cousin of mine is in a difficult position. He is a full-time carer for his severely disabled mother, and isn't in very good shape himself. They live on very low disability benefits and have no spare cash for the things that the rest of us take for granted. Like a computer.

I was recently given a 3-year old Dell desktop computer that I have no need for, so I've been sorting it out to give to my cousin. I've re-installed Windows XP and upgraded the 512Mb Ram to 1Gb. It is working fine and should provide Stephen with some entertainment.

He doesn't have the Internet - and frankly wouldn't have the spare money to be able to afford it - but would love to play a few games.

I have a small collection of old games that will run on the machine (Civilization, Dungeon Siege, Age of Empires, Railroad Tycoon) but would love to be able to give him a few more as I know he won't be able to buy any of his own.

Do any UK Warriors have any old games laying around (nothing too complex because he does have some learning difficulties as well) that you can spare to add to the mix for him?

Some people get a rough deal in life but still manage to remain cheeful and uncomplaining. Stephen is one of those people and it would be great to give him a really nice surprise.


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    Sure I live in the UK will be able to help out with a game.

    Send me the address via pm and I will send it within this week.
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      Martin, how much does a basic internet connection cost these days?


      I think he should try and figure out a way to raise that initial cash (borrow from a friend? - I can help him out that what first £10 if you want) and then start using some of this time at home learning the internet/ebay raise £10 for the next month's subscription...?

      Surely it'll be more productive Martin!

      Best Regards,

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