Diverting visitors to Amazon NOT products' home page - Any Tips?

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Hi Guys,

I'm promoting some products that aren't too cheap, and are of exceptional quality which people are interested in.

'However', of the 3 main manufacturers of these items, none have their own affiliate program, but they use Amazon. The disappointing thing is, is that the Amazon page is rather empty and lacking of any good info related to these products.

I realize then it's my job to fill in the blanks on my site, to make up for what Amazon is missing as far as info, reviews, etc....I understand this. Yet, due to these rather specialized products and price, I still feel that visitors are going to have more of a tendency to go to the product's/manufacturer's site, where there is such a wealth of info, photos and options, and bypass Amazon, thus resulting in lost commissions.

Do any of you have any tips and advice of how I can at least 'try' to prevent them from going straight to the product's homepage and hopefully make the sale on the Amazon page instead?.......... maybe somebody has some tricks they use?

I understand that prior to clicking the link on my site, they won't know where they're going, but i'd be so bummed to have them click one more time to the manufacturer after Amazon, to get more info - maybe that part is really out of my hands eh?

I would be so grateful for any thoughts, as I really would like the commissions from these high-priced products.

Thanks for listening,
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    If the amazon product description page is missing in info then it's possible that the product is not selling well. If the product is good then more and more people will buy and (probably) will post ratings and reviews on amazon.com.

    What you can do is find out your product related forums and ask questions there regarding what kind of expereice people had after using that product.

    I understand that you want your customers to buy from amazon.com for the comissions you get but it lacks the kind of preselling info provided on manufacturer's website (which does not have an afiliate program)

    What you can do is create a kind of free ebook/email ecourse/FAQ page/landing page with comparisons etc regarding the product so that they are ready to buy from amazon itself. In short create a "mini model" of the manufacture's website on your website.

    Just my 2C's
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      thanks very much for your reply....I appreciate it!

      actually, Amazon's info is 'okay', it does give people a basic run-down, but it is not as full-featured, if you will, as opposed to the manufaturer's website.

      Yes, what you said is what I figure i'd have to do, is basically create a complete product page with virtually everything, so that it mimmicks the manufacturer's and hopefully, that will be enough once they go to Amazon.

      I do like your forum idea, to see if people really liked the product - so hopefully i can find such forums where people are talking about these items

      boy it would be nice, if these manufacturer's would let me 'screen-capture' a few of their photos for my site - have you heard of that being done before?

      I know you can get photos of products from Amazon with the image's code, but actually grabbing a photo from a manufactuer's website (with their permission of course), i wonder if people actually can do that?

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