Best Payment Gateway for an ebook product?

by Asho 20 replies
Hey guys!

I just wanted to borrow from the expertise of my fellow Warriors so any help and guidance in this area would be very much appreciated

So I've got an ebook product that i'm bringing back to market after a year or so.

Now I used to collect payment via paypal but i no longer have a paypal account because they suspended my account! (I'm sure you know somebody who this has also happened to!.. So annoying)

While i did enjoy Paypal's ease, functionality and general online universal(ness) but i have no choice but to now use an alternative.

Does anybody have any suggestions about which payment gateway i could use to:

1. Collect payment speedily
2. Efficiently deliver the product
3. Have an uncomplicated and seamless refund procedure.

Any light you guys can shed in this area would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance!

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