How to make video file smaller?

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I just created a video tutorial with Snagit9 and the file is huge. I can't attach the file to an email to send it out. How can I reduce the size? The only other software I have is camstudio and then adobe's creatove suite. Can I change the file size through one of those and if so how do i do it?

Cheers for the help in advance
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    Hi Jan,

    If you intend to ATTACH the video to an email, then you need an animated gif. This is the only file / format that you can ATTACH and PLAY as a movie. Of course, the viewport can't be wider then 1/2 of a VCD, 5-10 frames per second, etc...

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    Dear Jan,

    You said "attach" and not sending a link. Try to search for "animated gif", this is an image file that has animation in it. What you will be able to send, will be a teaser and NOT your complete movie. But it will be enough for making them curious to see the rest...

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    Save your video in MP4 format. It can compress an 250 MB AVI video to 20 MB MP4 file in most cases.

    I always work with MP4 files because they ensure best quality, smallest size and easy playability over web.

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    think I'm going to upload the video to my site and then send the link but now I have to convert the video from .AVI to .FLV to get decent quality. Anybody know of a free tool to do this conversion?
    Yes a great freebee is called Any Video Converter and you should be able search it on Google. Pretty sure that is where I found it.
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    Best video converter I know:

    And it's... free.

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    The best converter to flv is On2Flix - not free, but the standard version is not too expensive at $39. I use their Pro version, but the standard will be fine for what you're doing.

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