How to make video file smaller?

by jan roos 13 replies
I just created a video tutorial with Snagit9 and the file is huge. I can't attach the file to an email to send it out. How can I reduce the size? The only other software I have is camstudio and then adobe's creatove suite. Can I change the file size through one of those and if so how do i do it?

Cheers for the help in advance
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    Hi Jan,

    If you intend to ATTACH the video to an email, then you need an animated gif. This is the only file / format that you can ATTACH and PLAY as a movie. Of course, the viewport can't be wider then 1/2 of a VCD, 5-10 frames per second, etc...

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      Originally Posted by sannyman View Post

      Hi Jan,

      If you intend to ATTACH the video to an email, then you need an animated gif. This is the only file / format that you can ATTACH and PLAY as a movie. Of course, the viewport can't be wider then 1/2 of a VCD, 5-10 frames per second, etc...

      Thanks for the input even though it's all french to me.

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    Dear Jan,

    You said "attach" and not sending a link. Try to search for "animated gif", this is an image file that has animation in it. What you will be able to send, will be a teaser and NOT your complete movie. But it will be enough for making them curious to see the rest...

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    Save your video in MP4 format. It can compress an 250 MB AVI video to 20 MB MP4 file in most cases.

    I always work with MP4 files because they ensure best quality, smallest size and easy playability over web.

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      Jan, See if you can export the file as an m4v. It is a high quality mp4. I dont know if all video editing softwares will have this option. I use apple final cut pro, and there is an option to export to ipod. The file is essentially an mp4, but the compression is much greater and quality is awesome. I have exported HD files ranging from 200 to 500 mb, and the result was between 3 and 11 mb with virtually no loss in quality (actually no quality loss for the web, there is definite picture loss if you watch it on 1080p or 720p tvs) It is great, the problem is though, some people are not able to see them if they do not use quicktime or itunes.

      One other option you might want to try YouSendIt - Send large files - transfer delivery - FTP Replacement (not an affiliate link). If you use the free trial, I think you can send 100 mb files, and you can pay to send larger ones. it is essentially an FTP site. You upload the file, and they will email whoever you want the file sent to, telling them to pick it up. I have only used this site twice, but both times it worked great.

      I hope this helped a little.

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    think I'm going to upload the video to my site and then send the link but now I have to convert the video from .AVI to .FLV to get decent quality. Anybody know of a free tool to do this conversion?
    Yes a great freebee is called Any Video Converter and you should be able search it on Google. Pretty sure that is where I found it.
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    Best video converter I know:

    And it's... free.


    Saya Mau Makan Angin - I Want To eat The Wind (Why not?)

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      I converted my video from .AVI to .FLV uploaded it to my site with Xsitepro's built in video player and the quality is so bad that I can't even read the content in the video. When I play the video on media player it is in great quality. How can I best upload this video to my website and atleast be able to watch it and know what its about. I am not looking for top quality I just want to be able to watch the video on my site and share it?

      I can't believe this is such a pain the butt.

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    The best converter to flv is On2Flix - not free, but the standard version is not too expensive at $39. I use their Pro version, but the standard will be fine for what you're doing.

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