$257 per day is all it takes? Broken Down its amazing

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So im watching these new google cash detective vids of Chris Carpenter. Theyre talking about breaking down all your expenses into daily costs and then creating small online income streams to match these to make them disapear. Basically ... how do you eat an elephant ... Small Bites At A Time.

$257 or so daily stream of $$$ almost ends the day job. I say Almost cuz I need to recalc with tax - but the principles are the same.

Heck lets just call it $350 a day!

35 sites/things/products generating $10 a day? Can this really be this hard? Why isnt this that simple?

Im sure this is very rudimentary to a great many of you... sorry it was just kind of a light bulb moment for me. Ive just been viewing everything from a "does it or can it make $5k a month perspective"

So ... all that said - would love to hear your thoughts on ths style of IM. Additionally ideas on how you would go about creating enough $10 a day streams to kick the 9-5 to the curb?

Thanks for reading ...
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    I am trying to get to the point where I can say goodbye to the dayjobs as well. I think if you have the motivation then you can make any goal a reality in IM. I say just go for it, $350 a day, and the day you reach that, raise the bar to $375, then to $400. Pretty soon you'll be making crazy money. Just keep the faith, my friend.
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    What would be the marketing overhead costs from an approach like this?

    PPC .... CPA ... Hosting .... Autoresponders ...

    Im thinking niche blogging, some PPC Affiliate action and maybe dabbling in some CPA stuff. If the Google Cash Detective is really that good, and you really can develop mildly profitable campaigns ... it wouldnt seem too hard to find 35-40 of them to make the desired daily income.

    This viewpoint has just given me a big boost in enthusiasm and desire to create some winning online campaigns of my own ... aside from how I have been focused on my OFFLINE Career. [ Deploying Im tactics to my offline business ]
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      I'm pretty sure Chris Carpenter made a STACK using PPC in the good old days (but was clever enough to adapt his model to these days)

      When you break it down...< $300 is much less to chew than > $10,000

      Here's his formula:

      Problem <== HIM ==> Solution


      Not promoting right now

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    I want to do a little math here to give a more visual concept:
    $257 per day x 30 days = $7,710 a month
    $7710 x 12 months = $92,520 a year.
    There are few 9 to 5 jobs out there that will ever make that much without year and years of time and promotions.

    You could live quite well with that kind of green.

    Before I started internet marketing, I was making $37,000 a month in my 9 to 5 office job. After over a year of trail and error with PPC marketing, I'm making roughly 4 times as much.

    Although I'd love to do adesne websites for the true auto piolit money websites, I just don't have the patience and creativity to create content that people would like to see. =/
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    So ... all that said - would love to hear your thoughts on ths style of IM. Additionally ideas on how you would go about creating enough $10 a day streams to kick the 9-5 to the curb?

    Thanks for reading ...
    Absolutely, the Google Cash Detective takes the quesswork out of the game and those that use it will be much more confident when testing products to promote. You know the whole theory, test 10 products and 1 is successful, maybe...

    Forget that strategy, test 1 and it's Successful!

    The power of software is simply amazing... I will say that Google Cash Detective is one of the pieces of the puzzle that we use in our business everyday.

    Your crazy if your just cranking, cranking, cranking without Intelligent Software.

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    I LOVE this way of looking at things! I think it was Andre Chaperon that I first saw doing this (something before PPC Bully perhaps? Not sure right now).

    But it hit me hard, too.

    I remember thinking, "Ok, I can do this one project and set it up to pay the power bill each month" and it suddenly all felt so much more "do-able" to me.

    That's how my whole system came about. How can I organically create little campaigns that went to work FOR me.

    100k a year is $273.97 per day. When you're new, that STILL sounds like such an UN-doable number.

    BUT - what if today, you made one little organic campaign that offered a CB product for a $30 a commission. All you really want is for that campaign to make 1-2 sales a WEEK.

    Now, if you stopped there...you'd be disenchanted and think this IM stuff doesn't "work" (love when people tell me that...lol)

    BUT...what if you created 20 of those little campaigns over a 2-week time period? That's NOT hard the way I do it. If each of those 20 campaigns made 2 sales a week @$30 each

    20 campaigns x 2 sales/week each = 40 sales a week @$30 ea = $1200

    Which equals..... $171.42 a day.

    Wow, all of a sudden it is a LOT more "doable", isn't it? And all you did was bust butt and work hard for 2 weeks.

    What if you did it for another 2 weeks? A whole month of working hard out of your life?

    Guess what? You'd be at the per day amount for 6 figures a year. All working FOR you.

    Since you did it in the organic market, there isn't any over-head, right? =)

    After a month, you'd find some well-converting campaigns within those 40...and you'd start to leverage all that. Perhaps invest a whopping $20 a month into an auto-responder to start building lists in those markets.

    Perhaps you'd buy a domain for a whopping $10 a YEAR and get some hosting for $10 a month and build niche sites to complement those organic campaigns.

    Guess what? You'd now be making MORE off those original 40 campaigns.... so then you'd...

    Make a squeeze page/lander and invest in some PPC =)

    It kills me when I hear people say this IM stuff doesn't "work" or that they can't "afford" to work it.

    All you need is a computer and an internet connection.... and the dog-gone determination to DO it.

    However, the first step is believing....

    and breaking it down as you said is key for many people to BELIEVE that this is possible and start to "eat the elephant" one bite at a time. Then you will see that not only is $273.97 a day possible, but so is $410.96 a day and so is $547.95 a day and beyond.

    Sorry for rambling on and on, but I am very passionate about all this. Internet marketing has endless potential for anyone is willing to work for it. I'm sorry to say this next "hypey" thing, but it is all truly LIFE CHANGING.

    All the best!


    PS - The reason I know the EXACT numbers above is because they are stuck next to my monitors on a post it note. That's where I write my newest daily goal....and then cross it off to add a NEW daily goal.
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    Its all about scaling in IM. Most marketers don't scale enough. If you can make $5-$10 a day in IM with one site or whatever it is your doing to generate the $5-$10 then you got a gold mine on your hands.

    Frank Bruno
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    I Always love to hear some one that analyzing things like i do ive found that many times i had to re-think things from the source begining and came to find out that my foundational belief on how things can be made or done was totally in error which cause me to develope a false belief on the whats possible..when it comes to IM..if that makes sense

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    X amount of sites making a mere $10 a day is a good way of looking at it.

    That strategy is a game of inches, and if you get enough of them, they'll sure add up.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks Jennifer!

    That was very inspiring. I think that can apply to
    several business principles as well.

    Much appreciated for your methodical explanations.
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    While it's always good to understand the numbers
    that drive your business, it can also lead you down
    a dangerous path.

    Don't forget to take a strategic look at your business.

    Lot's of people fall into the trap of making $xxx per
    day, week, month and they become a slave to their
    own business.

    To be truly successful you need to design a business
    with the structure and systems that will achieve
    your objectives.


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