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hi all. i found an affiliate program with a product that is somewhat in my area of knowledge but i dont like the sales page of the product...is there a way to lets say make a mini-sales page myself and put an order button and when it is clicked it will take the customer directly to where he has to pay without seeing the original merchants website but at the same time take the order under my affiliate url? hope you understood what i mean
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    Rhypo - Is it a Clickbank product? I seem to remember a few days ago that a couple posters were discussing scripts that allow you to do just that.

    If it's not a CB product, I suppose it would be up to the actual maker of the product as to whether or not they mind if you bypass their sales page. Most should be willing to work with you since you are just trying to sell their product more efficiently.

    Edit - here's the link to that thread.

    Hope that helps!

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