Looking for article writer, any to recommend?

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i was looking at getarticlesdone.com a few days ago. i wanted to proceed with the orders but they are close now due to overwhelming responses.

any good ones from WA forum to recommend? rates i'm looking at:

300+ words $3

500+ words $5

thanks in advance.
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    check out Mike P. (pwebbiz)

    My new budy.

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    Thanks tigres409, anymore anyone can recommend? hmmm..
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      Well we can write articles ... but that has to be in bulk.. I mean you have to contact us for number of articles per month .. not the occasional 3 or 5 .... you'll pay us on monthly basis for the number of articles.

      Features of Our Article Writing Service;

      Our Article Writers will provide quality content > will be rewritten by expert authors targeting the requested keywords and long tail keyword phrases.

      The price of our usual articles writing service is

      $ 5 for 300 > and 400 < words

      $ 8 for 500 > and 650 < words

      since allot of effort go into writing these articles so the price is non negotiable.

      Minimum numbers of articles per assignment are 20

      Hope this explains everything, rest if you are looking for one of the best software that can help you rewrite articles like a pro, [not as good as rewritten manually though] but very good for bulk submissions. For that you can also contact me ....

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    Zabrina has a thread here:

    where she was seeking input for her new site layout. You can check her out as an option.
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      Check the WSO's right here on the forum. The cheapest is not always the best.
      Make sure to read the testimonies of the people that have worked with them. They might also have articles for you to review.

      It's not a bad idea to just outsource one article and test it out, then scale it out.
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    here the good prices for the articles.

    500 words = $4

    shoot me.

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