How much would you take out of your biz with revenue of $350 million?

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This guy in my town just donated $15 million to the local University. His company does $350 per year in revenue. It's one of the largest electrical contractors in the U.S. I guess this is me being fascinated or just dreaming of owning a company like that but I would like to know how much he would take out. It seems even if he only had a 10% profit margin he would still be making $35 million per year. I know there are a lot of variables, assets vs. liabilities. Any ideas?
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    He obviously got there because he did not take out excessive amounts from his profits. My rule of thumb is to invest at least half the profits either back into the business or into stock market instruments.
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      Multiple Stream of Income is the secret to multiplying
      revenue. Maybe this Guy did not rely on electrical contracting

      He must have got other businesses producing or
      generating additional income for him.

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