This will instantly get you noticed by TOP JV partners

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Hey guys... it seems a lot of internet marketers know the immense value and leverage of developing solid joint venture relationships, but aren't sure how to cut through the clutter and competition to actually get noticed by the top affiliates/joint venture partners.

Here is a simple, yet VERY effective method you can use that virtually guarantees you will get your joint venture proposal out in front of a partner you'd like to have:

1. After doing your research to identify the top players in your market that are already doing some type of affiliate/JV marketing with others, choose the one you feel would have the biggest impact on your business if landed as a JV partner.

2. Register a unique domain name just for that potential affiliate/JV partner. For instance: Obviously you want to replace the name "Bob Jones" with the name of your potential partner.

3. Spend 5 minutes creating a simple video, preferably a monologue video with you on camera, where you're talking directly to the JV partner about his or her business and why you feel it would be a win/win situation to do a JV together. Be sure to focus on what would be in it for them right off of the bat, and be sure to make the video personal and specific to your potential partner.

4. Do a WHOIS search to find your potential JV partners mailing address.

5. Go to Send a Ball for Fun! and send your JV partner a "send a ball" with a simple message that says, "Hi Bob Jones... I've put together a personal video just for you that I'd love for you to watch for 5 minutes. You can see it here:"

6. Follow up the "send a ball" and video with a phone call to take your relationship with the potential JV partner to the next level, and discuss the JV.

The reason why this method works so well is because it's personal, it goes well above and beyond what the typical web owner is doing, and shows how savvy you are even in your JV marketing.

Try it... I think you'll be pretty happy!

~Todd Brown

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