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Hey team, quick question, One of my sites have been hacked twice in 24 hours. It was a developed Joomal site. The developer has been great and has reinstalled the site for me, but the big question is:

1. Is Joomal easier then wordpress to hack?
2. Should I go with a Wordpress site or another CMS?
3. Heck just use Xsitepro, I did upgrade to 2.0

I have used mambo in the past and now remember that I stopped because it was hacked a few times.

Not that I want to say that these scripts are bad or get hacked, I know well enough that anything can get hacked if the SOB's want to.

I am sure iI mostly likely didn't upgrade to the latest version of Joomal. and again this is my fault.

But any advice from the team would be great.

Thanks Auggie
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    Hi Auggie,

    I would still rather stay with Joomla (not "Joomal") than with other CMS platforms.

    But you may also want to check out whether it is because you were using an older version that may have had bugs in it and provided easy entry for hackers.

    Again, did you consider whether it was your hosting account and not your Joomla-based site that was actually hacked?

    Those are just a couple of questions and possibilities that you may want to look into.

    I have Joomla 1.5 (the latest version) installed on two of my sites and they are working just fine.

    I hope you find (the reasons and) a solution to the repetitive hacking.

    ~Muhammad Jalloh
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      Its usually because the developer did something silly like leave the wrong file permissions on the wrong files or something small. Its very seldom that the Joomla system is to blame.

      Often , you won't notice until the damage has been done , so you couldn't really blame anyone. The devil is in the detail ;-)
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    [quote=turnkeybiz;52384 Is Joomal easier then wordpress to hack?[/quote]

    Supposedly Wordpress has FAR more security holes in it than Joomla

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