Funny Video Ideas needed for short Youtube Videos

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In my country, lots of people love funny stuff, so Im searching for funny ideas which can be implemented into short 20-50 seconds video for Youtube viral distribution.
This is to help blow up my new site image

Any ideas ?
It musnt be video, but want ideas which can also be turned into video
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    Making spoof videos of famous Hollywood movies and scenes...
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    Here are some ideas.
    Just look on youtube and see what gets the most views for the catogory you want.
    Off the top of my head.
    Laughing babies
    Talking dogs
    Kid with a bat and his dad next to him.
    Just some ideas for you.
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    Funny animals are usually popular, as well as people having mishaps eg slipping over, grooms fainting at weddings etc
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    Step 1: get a cat

    Step 2: get cat drunk

    Step 3: record drunk cat doing cute and silly stuff

    Step 4: Upload it to youtube

    Step 5: GO VIRAL!!

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