I was Earning $1,200/week, now Gumtree (Aust.) Changed!?

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Hi Everyone ... Hope you're all well ...

Just joined today, Virgin Warrior, but long time marketer (online & offline

Just wondering if anyone out here is familiar with advertising down-under (AU) on the Gumtree classifieds site, which is now owned by ebay. I am semi-retired in Thailand and of course need to use Proxies to be able to place ads ...

I've been using various VPS Hosting companies and always set up 20-30 different IP's/Proxies (squid script on Ubuntu) with each VPS Account - to set up my Gumtree accounts and promote main-stream affiliate products (CB) on gumtree for over a year now, everything worked great for over one year. Averaging $800-1,200 a week ... $$ Goes a long way in Thailand

As I mentioned, I promote Affiliate Products and - Exclusively only advertise on "Gumtree". Everything was going FINE until last Thursday, when I discovered that I could not LOG INTO Any of my current GUMTREE Accounts.

That being said, my ads under any of my accounts are still live, not been deleted, I just usually log in and upgrade "bump up" the ads for $1.99, etc. So they get back on the front page!

This time when i tried to log in Gumtree - into my accounts, it would show me this message:

************************************************** ******************
Sorry, this email and password combination is not known. Please try again later.
Don't forget that you can still post Ads without being signed in.
************************************************** ******************

The Ironic thing is that If I request a password change, gumtree allows me to do that
and than when i try to log in with the new password, the same message pops up.
So - the accounts are active, but gumtree won't let me log in to any of them.

And Yes I set up a different IP/Proxy with a brand New/Fresh "Hotmail or Yahoo" Email.

In the past if my ads got flagged, they would than ban the IP after a few weeks of this
happening) I actually used to get 2-3 different email accounts on each IP Address before
they blocked the IP/Proxy.

The 30 new IP/Proxies I just set up 2 weeks ago were working fine.

I set up Gumtree Accounts on the first 10 of these IP's and posted a few ads, worked fine since beginning of June, until last thursday (14th June) like I mentioned.


Now the remaining 20 IPs in that range were unused, I even tried to set up a new accounts on them (previously unused IP's) and the registration process goes fine, … get the confirmation email from Gumtree, to confirm the new account, etc. ...

Than when I try to log in with this Brand new/Never used Account on a fresh IP it won't let me log in and the same message as above appears on the gumtree log in page! !@#??


** So I am curious to know whether you are aware of any security / firewall upgrades on the Gumtree site in Oz? … That would detect proxies?

** Because the Gumtree accounts are active, as my mate in Aussie can log into one of my accounts, but I can't with using the corresponding proxy!?

** Do you think there is a possibility that they have a new system in place that would "Bulk Block" all the IPs in a particular range? Or exclusively block all IP's originating from my Host: web24?

** Would you suggest trying a Completely new VPS - Web host that will provide a whole new range of IP's? … Or is there a known solution to this problem?

** Has this happened to you or did you hear of anyone else having recent log in problems with gumtree?


Look forward to your reply …
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    Your using 20-25 proxies to get around their security system and you wonder why you lost your accounts after some weeks of promoting affiliate offers? :rolleyes:

    Maybe ask on a proxy forum or something?

    A note: Maybe the proxies you have been using has already been banned by someone else doing the same trick as you? Why not try something else that does not require a billion proxies? Maybe it's just me being naive, but isn't proxies used to gain access to something you have been blocked from using? Why not try something else instead of this mess? You might be able to find a work-around, but bet they will block you again, just a matter of time.

    I will be surprised if your able to find help on this forum to solve your proxy/mail/vps mess.
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    I think they've spotted the tricks you were using. but why don't you try to create a new account from a different computer and ip?
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    It's possible that they're cracking down on you.

    Times change, and especially when we're working with the internet - things change so rapidly you HAVE to adapt to these changes.

    From what you've said, you're an offline marketer as well, so I hope you've diversified your income.
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    The most likely scenario is that gumtree have blocked all ips from your VPS.
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    It's actually a lot easier than people think to detect whether you are coming in from a proxy, and it sounds like they just updated their code to precisely that. There are also 3-4 different ways of detecting what you are/were doing, all with different degrees of accuracy (depends how they did it, and if they know how to do it the 'right' way).

    It sounds like they are not interested in having you promote affiliate products any more. I can think of a couple easy solutions for you right now, so know there are ways (if you wanted) to continue doing what you are doing... It is funny though, what is one persons "spam" is another persons "marketing"...

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    I AM in Australia and I hate the way that Gumtree has changed its layout. I don't know if that may have caused any of your problems. I have had the odd minor issue when they first changed but now I am fine but I don't use proxies of course.
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    Seriously, your asking this question when you were doing black hat techniques?
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    I thought black hat discussions wasn't allowed here?
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    I used to used Gumtree Aus for a good side earning (design sevices) but ever since their layout change it has been nothing but a baron land in the way of enquiries for me anyway.
    I'd say it is their changes to crack down on what you're doing, and to weed out the lower quality audience - which I guess was the backbone to the old gumtree.
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    Originally Posted by albertpikes

    As you know, there are proxies, and Proxies - mine are elite proxies, undetectable, the issue is the the hosting provider must have been flagged and the entire range of IP's in stock go with it ...
    don't use proxies. use vpns. much safer and less detectable (also more secure) just get a Linux or freebsd server and run the Von daemon. if your already well versed on running a squid proxy server this shouldn't be hard to learn.

    also get another vps host. use maybe 5-10 different hosts. don't put eggs in one basket. same class c ips look weird

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    I think you should try some more proxies. It would help a lot if you focus on other areas too. Just basing on gumtree is a bad decision in my opinion. Never put your eggs in the same basket.
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    This is an interesting discussion as I've used gumtree a fair bit last 3 months and their policy is semi random.

    I've seen some totally spammy ads (self improvement downloadable videos) stay up for weeks. I've also had mixed vetting of my gum tree ads.

    I guess the bottom line is that if they loosen their rules they will get a flood of spammers which will turn gumtree into a useless free classified ads site.

    On the other hand if they start charging for all the ads then it's just another ebay.

    I can see both sides of the argument and even thought gumtree traffic is very targeted (converts) it's probably not a good long term strategy given the way they are behaving.

    On a side note, I've put up ads on fiverr for people to post for me and had no replies! slackers
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