Where's the best place to sell domain names??

by gabwilliams 11 replies
Hi guys,

I have recently started buying domain names witht he hope of selling them on for a profit.
I have a few decent one word .com, .net and .org domains, as well as some decent other extensions, such as karma.cc and graffiti.com.co

Where is the best place to sell these??

I have listed a couple on Flippa however at $19 (without paying any extra listing fees) I find this a bit steep and also feel that they are not getting much coverage for the cost.

Has anybody had any luck anywhere else?

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    I would recommend you flippa or sedo

    and dnforum.com is good place to sell domain.
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    You can try GoDaddy marketplace too.

    But the better strategy would be contacting possible end users.
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    SEDO is the best place to sell your domains

    [Beware] - The Dark Side of Few Adsense Sites on Flippa - [Read/Click Here]
    [Free Workout] – How Did I Get Additional Traffic With Just 2 Minutes of Work ?

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    Sedo.com for sure - free to list all your domains, pay a commission upon sale.
    Afternic.com - There is a small annual fee, but the buyers here are serious.
    Forums - NamePros.com and DNforum.com. Expect to sell for a fraction of the retail price, as you're selling to domainers and resellers.
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    I suggest you to try Flippa, many sellers are satisfied with the price as well as customers too. Your site will not be overpriced and in the same time it will not be sold for a cheap price. It always depends on the quality of the domain name too (back links, keywords on the domain name, extension etc.)
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    I would go with DNF forums for buying and selling domain names. But flippa is good for selling them to endcustomers. You will find ton's of good customers for these sort of domains too.
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    i will recommend Sedo. Because I have got some sell from here and of course got a good amount.
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    Originally Posted by theomegaformula View Post

    Is anyone familiar with selling sites and domains on Flippa? My partners and I have several networks of sites of which we would like to sell off individually. We are looking for someone familiar with selling websites on Flippa and handle the transactions through Escrow.

    Commissions would be around 10-15% of the sale after expenses and expect most sites to sell in the 5-figure range because they are well established with traffic and/or revenue. Please PM me if anyone is interested and capable.

    If you go down this road be aware of the fact that you will have to hand over your site FTP login details to the person posting the sites for sale so that they can meet the site submission parameters that Flippa require.

    Domains are an easier proposition, but they don't sell as well as sites do on Flippa in my experience.
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    Sedo or Flippa will be your best bet but you can also find end buyers looking for your type of domains. You can also try posting it here on WF you may get lucky!
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    I think if you want to sell your domains fast, you should sell it on DNForum/ Namepros. But the price will not as higher as Sedo.

    If you want to sell your domain for higher price, you should sell it on Sedo.

    Domains are an easier proposition, but they don't sell as well as sites do on Flippa in my experience.
    Yes I think domains sales is not very active on Flippa.

    Another option: eBay.
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    Anyone interested in my previous post?
    Website Mentor/Coach. 13+ Years Of 6 Figure Experience. PM Me For A Free Consultation.
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